Brewer's Guild Rejoice! Decimate is Home!!

Welcome back to another Guild Ball blog, and it's an exciting one this week! Last week we covered Gutter, the Sanguine Blade (which if you missed it, you can find here), this week we're going to be covering the top lass herself, Veteran Decimate!

The Returned

Long term Guild Ball fans will remember that Decimate's initial title was the Exile, but now her time spent in the wilderness is over, and she's come home to the safe, warm, slightly unsteady home of the Brewer's Guild, fitting in as naturally as nice cold pint on a warm summer's day.


Well. Would you look at that. That is a statline of beauty, largely carried over from her original version. MOV 6"/8" in Brewers is FIERCE, especially with a 2" melee for a base 10" threat range, and that's BEFORE considering the sheer number of ways Brewers have of making her go even further!

TAC 6 is always lovely, and a solid KICK of 3/6" means she can pretty reliably pass the ball around. With her sheer pace, she can also be a decent goal threat if you need her to be. Defensive stats of DEF 3+/ARM 1 are average for Brewers, she's gotten considerably drunker since her first incarnation, which accounts for the slight drop in DEF, and a solid 2/4 INF rounds out her statline.

Her Playbook is also a gorgeous thing, positively DRIPPING with momentous results, all bar two of them, actually! A double Push on column 2 with TAC 6 means her Counter Attack is pretty intense, a KD on column 3, momentous 3 damage and a Push on column 4, those are all good results, but my favourite? My favourite result on her Playbook is that momentous KD/GB result on column 5.

Looking at her Character Plays, you'll see why. Stagger is a Character Play we've used before a couple of times, on Shark and Farris, but in Brewers it really shines. Momentously knocking a player down AND inflicting –1 DEF on them at the same time? Ooooh boy. Yes. Yes please. She can Charge, or with a couple of crowd outs, just go for that result, then start reliably getting her 3 DMG Push, and let's be honest, probably start wrapping and inflicting every MORE damage since –2 DEF is a lot.

Her final Character Play is one that we imagine will have Brewer players salivating, yes it's Acrobatic! Or to put it another way, it's a BUYABLE DODGE!

Dodges are good. The ability to just buy things without having to roll for them is good. Combined? Mmmm, lovely. This ability was actually something we discussed a lot internally, since Brewers traditionally don't get a lot of Dodges, but Decimate's original version is Grand Admiral Dodgy McDodgerson, and it felt like we really had to give her Veteran version some way of Dodging around. So while her Playbook may not have any Dodges on there, she can use Acrobatic to Dodge at will.

A Lovely Pour

So we've established that the front of Veteran Decimate's card is a refreshing pint, and the back of her card is very much the well poured head on that pint.


Three pretty simple rules on here, so let's cover them quickly. The first two we don't need to discuss toooo much, but they're pretty great nonetheless. Anatomical Precision has been carried over from Decimate's first version. She may be a drunken duellist now, but she's still a duellist at heart. Which means she's TAC 6 with a five column long Playbook AND ignores a point of enemy armour whenever she makes an Attack. How delightful. This makes it even more likely that she'll start hitting those beautiful momentous results, and once the opponent is knocked down and Staggered...well it's probably not going to take very long to put them in some urgent need of the Physician's Guild, is it?

The second thing here is Tough Hide. It's a staple Brewer rule, as intrinsic to the Guild as their short Playbooks and Heroic Plays. While Decimate may have lost a point of Defense since joining the Drunks (as so many people do), the beer jacket she's gained makes her even more resilient to damage.

The final rule is unique to Decimate. Naturally she has a Heroic, cause she's a Brewer, and we wanted to get across her duellist aspect more with this rule, so Duellist's Lunge allows her to make a 2" Dodge directly towards the target of any successful Attack she makes. This is an enormously flexible rule that really helps her get around the Pitch. If you remember her double Push result on column 2 (and how couldn't you?), she can really maneuver enemy models around and get wherever she wants to go with this Heroic Play. This also helps her be the goal threat that we discussed earlier, with a 3/6" KICK and plenty of mobility, she can fulfill the role of a backup striker pretty handily.

So there we have it, Veteran Decimate in all her glory. She can beat people up, handle the ball pretty well, and is resistant to damage with her Tough Hide. We're confident Brewer coaches will be overjoyed with their Exile, and it certainly helps that she's one of the prettiest models we've ever made too!

Let us know what you think of Veteran Decimate on social media and our forums! If this blog has made you desperate to get your hands on her, the New Alliances box is released on 18th May and you can pre-order it here

Happy Decimating!