Old Iron King Expansion - Production Sample - Dark Souls™: The Board Game


Today we’re delving back into the unboxing of the Mega Boss Expansions. So far, we’ve revealed:

Wave 2 is on track for delivery in July 2018. Containers are currently making their way to SFG HQ!

This week we’ll be opening Old Iron King Expansion and taking a look at the contents inside. This product is a Kickstarter Exclusive model so will not be available for general sale.


No one now remembers the true identity of the man who became the Old Iron King, once a minor lord with little to his name. Aided by Sir Alonne, an enigmatic knight from the east, his lust for power created a vast and indomitable empire carved from the old kingdom of Venn. Not even the sure of undeath could stay his vision, as he hunted them down and imprisoned their lifeless corpses…

SPOILER ALERT: If you want the gameplay experience of the Old Iron King Expansion to be entirely unexpected do not read the text, just look at the pretty pictures.  

Obligatory Spoiler Alert out of the way…let’s have a look at what you get in the box.  

  • 1x Rules Insert  
  • 1x Old Iron King Miniature
  • 1x Old Iron King Health Dial
  • 1x Old Iron King Data Card
  • 12x Old Iron King Behaviour Cards
  • 2x Old Iron King Treasure Cards
  • 6x Fire Beam Cards
  • 4x Level 4 Encounter Cards
  • 1x Mega Boss Game Board

Custom Game Elements

The Old Iron King presents a new challenge for players in this encounter. The Game Board features three unique ‘Iron King Nodes’ on which Old Iron King may be placed during the encounter. The Old Iron King submerges into and emerges from these three nodes during his Fire Beam attacks, behind these nodes lava spews, players may not enter this area of the board.

A Fire Beam attack is a devastating blast of energy released from Old Iron King’s palm that devastates the battlefield hitting multiple nudes for a high amount of damage. Players must memorise both the Behaviour Deck and the Fire Beam Deck to gain victory against the Old Iron King.

Campaign Scenario ‘Go Beyond Death’

The Old Iron King Campaign draws upon content from the Core Game, the Explorers Expansion and Iron Keep Expansions, and can be played over four game sessions. You will fight through the Tower of Flame, Threshold Bridge, Ironhearth Hall and finally Eygil’s Idol. Along the way you will face Old Dragonslayer (Mini-Boss), Smelter Demon (Main Boss), Pursuer (Main Boss) before steeling yourself against Old Iron King himself.