Mutt & Bailey Assembly Guide | Animal Adventures


If you’re new to working with resin, check out this blog which provides some general advice for the cleaning and assembly of resin miniatures. Once you’ve had a read through that article, continue to see how to assemble Mutt & Bailey.

A final resin production piece was used to create this guide. Always dry fit your pieces before trying to glue them to ensure a good fit!

Step 1 – Cleaning Up Mutt & Bailey

Before you start putting glue on the pieces of your Mutt & Bailey miniature we recommend going over the miniature with a sharp X-Acto knife, cutters and some files to clean up any excess material left from the casting process. Where possible, cut away from yourself and always take your time. You can remove more material if needed, but it’s much harder to put it back! If you’re a youngster be sure to get assistance from an adult when handling sharp objects and tools!


Like us, you may miss some areas on the first checks that only become visible once you’ve begun building the miniature (and put it under a super high resolution camera!!) - if you do miss anything that needs cleaning, don’t worry, just make sure you give it a thorough check before applying paint!

Step 2 – Dry Fitting Mutt & Bailey

With all the pieces of the miniature cleaned up and prepped for assembly, it’s time to dry fit the pieces to ensure everything fits as it should. Remember: don’t use any glue when dry fitting!


Step 3 – Assembling Mutt

With dry fitting finished and everything fitting as it should, it’s time to start applying some glue! My preference is to finish assembling the miniature before attaching it to a base, but some prefer the opposite. If you’d prefer to attach Mutt to his base before attaching his arms and staff simply jump to step 4 of this guide and then come back to step 3 once you’ve finished.


To attach Mutt’s body simply apply a line of glue to either piece and hold them together until solid. 

Step 4 – Attaching Mutt to the Base

Attaching Mutt to the base is a matter of applying glue to the underside of each of his paws and placing him on the larger of the two bases. Try and position Mutt as central as possible.


If you feel the need to, you can fill in the gaps with an epoxy putty.


Step 5 – Assembling Bailey

Bailey is ever so slightly more complicated than Mutt, he is a cat after all, but only in that there is an additional piece to assemble. I begun with Bailey’s leg and attached it to the body, then placed glue on the underside of Bailey’s head. I actually came back later and applied glue to the cape as well to ensure a secure hold was made between the two pieces.


How do you want to do this?

Now you need to decide whether you want to build Mutt and Bailey as a single miniature or two seperate miniatures. If you decide to build them as a single miniature skip ahead to Step 7.

Step 6 – Attaching Bailey to the Base

Attaching Bailey to the base simply requires you to apply glue to the paw and legs of Bailey and then centrally placing him on the smaller base. Then bish-bash-bosh you have two adventurers ready to be painted or used on the tabletop!


Step 7 - Assembling the Plinth

So, you chose to combine Cats & Dogs into a single powerhouse! To create the platform for Bailey to stand on you must first clean it up as we did with the miniatures, dry fit the plinth to ensure it is stable and then apply glue. You’ll notice on the underside of plinth there are ‘steps’ this allows the plinth to securely lock into Mutt’s belt whilst on the top there are slight indentations that show how Bailey will sit. Glue the plinth to Mutt and once it has cured you’re ready to mount Bailey.


Step 8 - Mounting Bailey

The final step! You’ve probably guessed what we’re going to need to do? Grab your glue and apply a small amount to the paw and legs, then mount Bailey to plinth ensuring that his paws and legs line up as closely as possible to the indentations.


If you don’t want to glue Bailey and keep him separate then you could use tac to hold him in place - this will give you the option of dismounting Mutt, or if you’re really brave you could just let Bailey balance on the plinth. 


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