Rivet Reveal | Guild Ball

Welcome back Guild Ball fans! Last time we took a look at Corbelli, if you missed that article you can find it here.

This time we’re gonna be looking at Rivet, the Ironsoul! She’s a keen, mean, opponent bustin’ machine, and she’s about to roll her sleeves up and get stuck in!

GB-S4-Engineers-Rivet (1).png

We Can Do It!

Well now. First off, Rivet is obviously pretty heavily inspired by Rosie the Riveter. We just thought that artwork and image is deeply cool, and she’s obviously such a well known feminist icon, that when we were thinking of a new captain for Engineers, a model based on her made so much sense. To look at Rivet’s statline, she has a couple of classic Engineer aspects, namely the 4/6” KICK and her lower movement speed. She’s TAC 6, like the other Engineer captains, and has a DEF/ARM of 3+/2, making her tanky with her 18 HP.

She’s very focused on damage and pushes, her playbook has some incredible results. She has the standard Engineer Tackle on column 1, but her 2 DMG/push on column 2 is a really solid damage result, especially considering Engineers have Tooled Up in guild. Her playbook scales from there, up to a momentous 4 damage on the top end, which is unique in Engineers. We can see from this immediately that she’s a lot more outright damage focused than the other Engineer captains.

Moving onto her character plays, her damage focus definitely comes out here too. The first play, Elbow Grease, fits perfectly into the nature of the character. It makes a friendly model’s non momentous damage results momentous. This is spectacular, particularly on models like Colussus and Locus, who have great non momentous damage results on their playbooks. This allows Rivet to push the Engineers fighting game something fierce, making them much more serious threats in melee. Her other character play, Use This! is one we’ve seen before in Blacksmiths. It allows a friendly model to have a 2” melee zone for the rest of the turn. This is a super variable character play which has several different uses. It’s obviously spectacular on Rivet herself, or on Locus to help the Engineers fight in melee, but it’s also amazing on a model like Salvo or Velocity to help them grab the ball and score goals.

So we’ve seen from the front of the card that Rivet is a supportive model who can buff her team in a couple of different ways, as well as put out some damage herself. The back of her card is where we see that really unlocked in a couple of ways!

GB-S4-Engineers-Rivet2 (1).png

Follow My Lead!

The back of Rivet’s card has a number of rules that help out her playstyle. While she can hand out a 2” melee zone to friendly models, and make their damage results momentous, she can also help her friendly models move around the pitch AND buff their TAC! Follow My Lead is a unique trait in Guild Ball, it allows friendly models on the pitch to use Rivet’s TAC instead of their own. This rule is completely new, and it changes up her team pretty dramatically. While for most models in the Engineers, this is effectively +1 TAC, it gets real fun on Velocity, where it’s a permanent +2 TAC buff! Couple that with a 2” melee zone, and she gets real incredible at snagging the ball from enemy models and scoring goals.

This buff again really helps to push the fighting aspect of Engineers, but the bonus TAC not only helps them do damage, but also push, dodge, tackle, really just engage with every aspect of the game. Do note that if Rivet gets taken out, the other Engineer models lose access to her TAC, a leader needs to be on the pitch leading! Pretty hard to make sure everyone’s working as efficiently as possible if you’re sleeping off a mild concussion in the dugout!

Rivet’s second character trait is called Tow. It works pretty similarly to a rule like Tag Along on Dirge, only its on the model who’s moving. Whenever Rivet moves within 2” of a model during an advance, when she ends the advance, those friendly models can make a Jog directly towards her. This represents her using that massive chain of hers to pull friendly models around the pitch! It’s most helpful to set up crowd outs and gang ups for herself, but it can also be used as a threat extension for friendly models, or to help pull them out of the fire if things start getting rough!

Rivet’s final rule is her Heroic Play, Protect Those Close. We’ve seen this before on Tower from the Mason’s Guild, and it represents her more protective side. In the background, Rivet seeks harmony within an Engineer’s Guild that’s ousted Ballista and suffering the cruel, harsh leadership of Pin Vice for too long. She gives friendly models nearby Sturdy (including herself), keeping them on their feet and fighting fit!

Her combo of rules really lets her play as a scrumming captain, and gives her team the tools to ensure that the scrum will almost always be in her favour. They also allow models like Velocity and Salvo to ping merrily around, hunting for the ball. Rivet represents a real difference to the main Engineer playstyle, since she herself doesn’t have the control abilities of Ballista or the outright goalscoring threat of Pin Vice. We think she’s super cool!

What do you think? Planning on using this tough woman to keep your Engineers Guild ticking over nicely? Let us know what you think on our social media. Rivet will be pre-released at Salute (Booth TD12) in London on April 6th, and will go up on the SFG webstore on April 8th for pre-order.

Join us next time for a look at the last of the second wave of new releases, Culverin & Cutlass!