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Larger than Life Behavior…

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Welcome back Hunters!

Following on from our last article where we took a closer look at what players can expect from some of the more common demonic enemies in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, today we’re upping our game and exploring the behaviours belonging to large enemies.

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He’s Buying Time, But… It Doesn’t Look Good

If you’ve been keeping abreast of our updates, by now you’re probably pretty familiar with the kinds of enemies you’ll be facing in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, so we won’t waste much time introducing this next one. Let’s take a look at the Vermin Empress, the Empusa Queen.


A truly enormous enemy, the Empusa Queen stands on not one, not two, but three hexes. Her sheer size dwarfing the hunters as well as smaller enemies, facing down an Empusa Queen is a terrifying prospect... and that’s before we get to the card and her behaviours!


The Hell Antenora is a tough enemy to take down at 10 vitality, but those beasts have nothing on the Empusa Queen. At 20 vitality, the Empusa Queen will very likely need the attention of more than one hunter to successfully bring down, forcing players to work together or face numerous failed attempts. In addition, the Emupsa Queen cannot be stunned at all—meaning the hunters will not only need to focus their attacks to bring her down, but also remember to  get out of her way when she goes on a rampage!

Unlike most enemies, you’ll only face a single Empusa Queen at a time, so she doesn’t need to have a large behaviour deck as is seen with more numerous enemies such as the Hell Antenora. The Empusa Queen has six cards in her behaviour deck, lending her brutally focused attack patterns, designed to tear hunters to shreds with her devastating attacks!

Let’s look at them now, starting with Slashing Claws.

Where basic enemies will often either move or attack with their behaviours, it's far more common for advanced enemies like the Empusa Queen to move and attack with a single behaviour, and Slashing Claws is no different. And because this monster is so much bigger than most enemies, this attack will hit five hexes at once as she scythes down everything in her enormous front arc.

With two Slashing Claws cards in the Empusa Queen’s behaviour deck, you’re likely to see this behaviour a lot. Prepare for carnage!

When the Empusa Queen has cornered her prey, she’ll often rear up and bring her whole body weight crashing down onto her hapless target, using Claw Strike.

Pretty nasty, huh? Thankfully there’s only one of these cards in the Empusa Queen’s behaviour deck. If you’re unlucky (or unskilled?) enough to get caught by one of these you’ll be taking five damage to the face!

In addition, this is the card that resets the Empusa Queen’s attack pattern, forcing players to shuffle the behaviour deck after resolving the attack. This isn’t new, as we saw this with one of the cards in the Hell Antenora’s behaviour deck in our previous article, but trust us when we say that with the Vermin Empress you’ll definitely be paying more attention than you did before! This is something you should expect of all enemies in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace to ensure they act in a slightly unpredictable and threatening manner.

When trying to gain ground on particularly quick prey, the Empusa Queen will race forwards to cut off their escape with Scuttle.


A nice and simple card, this one ensures the Empusa Queen can’t be ignored by the hunters for long! There is only one Scuttle card in the Empusa Queen’s behaviour deck.

Brute force is the primary weapon of the Empusa Queen and when she chooses to use it, her sheer size can send anything in her path flying backwards as she goes on a murderous Trample.

Another card with a combined movement and attack, Trample is a quite rare card that allows an enemy to push the hunters around. In many ways the push is far more dangerous than the damage from Trample since the reposition could force a hunter into the path of even more enemies!

There are two Trample cards within the Empusa Queen’s behaviour deck, so this is another card that players will quickly become familiar with.  

That’s all for the Empusa Queen, a truly imposing enemy, and one that will require all the speed, ferocity, and sick skills that the hunters can muster in order to prevail against.

Join us again soon for another exciting update for Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace where we’ll be taking another step up in scale, as we look at gigantic enemies!

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