Godtear - Version 0.9.1 - New Scenario & Champion Balance

Hail Champions!

Download the latest rules here

In this week’s update is a fairly light one in comparison to last weeks. There are a few minor wording changes in the rulebook including a clarification on targeting to clear up any confusion about being able to target banners with skills. We’ve put a lot of time into making the capitalisation throughout all of the documents consistent, it’s not a flashy change but these things have to happen at some point!  

In terms of champions and followers there have also been some minor changes mainly within the text of skills, again to make effects as clear possible… Titus, I’m looking at you!  

Of all the changes to champions Shayle has seen the most dramatic changes, all of which are to pull him more into his own theme.  

To wrap it all up we’ve made a slight alteration to the setup of the Life scenario, formerly Growth, and added a brand new scenario called Change!  

In the Change scenario there are 8 objective hexes on the battlefield, the player that loses each turn rolls 4 dice and may move that number of different objective hexes. To make it even more interesting, any models standing on these hexes move with them! 

We’re huge fans of how dynamic our scenarios are and how different the battlefield in every game can look when it ends, and Change is no exception. If you like a scenario where objective hexes end up scattered all over the place then, my friends, Change is certainly for you! 

We hope you enjoy spending some time with this update, I wonder what will Sneek out new week?