The T-103 Tyrant | Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game

It’s the final update of our Boss Monster Highlight Series, and honestly we’re a little saddened to be moving on from these guys. Exploring these fearsome adversaries with our community has been a genuine highlight for us – not least due to the tremendous reaction we’ve had from our awesome backers.

So, with that said, lets go out on a high, with the most terrifying of all the enemies you’ll be facing in Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game – the T-103 Tyrant.

And just before we start, if you missed out on last week’s update, don’t worry. You can catch up here.

Haven’t We Seen the Last of the Tyrant?

Let’s begin with a spoiler for those unfamiliar with this guy, wondering where he fits into the world of Resident Evil™ 2…

The product of rapid mutation after the T-00 Tyrant’s power limiter is burned off, the T-103 Tyrant is the true form of the terrifying creature relentlessly pursuing the survivors. The pinnacle of Umbrella’s bioweapon research and development, a Tyrant in its ultimate stage is without doubt the most formidable monster you’ll ever face. The T-103 Tyrant is capable of awesome feats of strength, possesses lightning speed and reflexes, and is nigh on invincible to just about anything you can throw at it.

And you guys thought the T-00 was bad.

We knew we’d have to pull out all the stops when designing this incredible foe. It couldn’t just be a tough opponent – the T-103 Tyrant had to be downright unstoppable. We wanted players to shake their heads in awe the first time it decimated the survivors; and when eventually they defeated it, enjoy the greatest sense of satisfaction and relief.

As ever, we started with sessions watching the Tyrant in action, noting how it moved around and attacked. One thing was very obvious – the Tyrant never lets up. To beat it, the player has to constantly keep moving, hindered by a close environment which doesn’t allow them to create too much distance.

Our boss encounter is much the same. We reduced the amount of space the survivors have to move around in, heightening the sense of claustrophobic desperation. We also found a fun (read brutal) way for the boss to interact with the Tension Deck, meaning we could apply additional pressure to players, even without with the Tyrant’s speed and power. More on that later.

Five Minutes Until Detonation

Speaking of speed and power, let’s start with the attacks. The T-103 Tyrant has one of the larger behaviour decks, with a wide selection of murderous attacks to unleash upon unsuspecting survivors. The first of these is called Wild Swipe, and is without doubt the least punishing card of the bunch. The attack only inflicts a single level of damage, and evading it isn’t too difficult either. The only downside to this card is the extended range, meaning the Tyrant will nearly always be able to hit someone.

Next up, Arcing Claws, a wide sweeping attack some of you will remember from the original videogame. This attack only hits adjacent survivors, but inflicts heavy damage when it does, handily killing any character on caution or lower. Not-so-fun fact – this attack also hits every survivor in range.

Sprint Slash is the signature attack most veterans will remember, and allows the Tyrant to launch itself forward in a sudden burst of speed, deadly claws cleaving through the air. This attack has a double move at the start, is extremely hard to evade, and inflicts a decent amount of damage. There are also more of this behaviour card in the deck than any other type.

The final standard attack is called Disembowel, and as the name suggests, isn’t terribly nice. It can only hit an adjacent survivor, but if it does the character is immediately placed unconscious, no matter where their health track is. You should definitely both fear and plan ahead for these cards as best you can.

Time for the rules to back this fearsome arsenal up. The first is Unstoppable, a rule we’ve seen before when discussing the Birkin Malformations. It allows the Tyrant to move towards the active survivor immediately after an attack is resolved, forcing players to carefully pick and choose how they fight it.

The next rule is named Invulnerable, and has two effects. Firstly, this means all damage suffered by the Tyrant is reduced by half, lending it incredible resiliency. The second part is exactly what veterans expected us to say – players can’t kill the Tyrant with the weapons at their disposal, and must find some other way to finish it off. Here’s a hint for the uninitiated.

It’s at this stage we’re also going to mention the T-103 Tyrant’s final attack, triggered when the players are on the cusp of victory. It’s called Eviscerate Charge, and is without doubt the most lethal attack in the game. We could tell you the rules, but it will be far more fun for you guys to find out when you face the Tyrant. Rest assured, this card is pretty scary, and will likely have you reading in disbelief.

Now, lets talk about the final rule, Five Minutes Until Detonation. Remember we mentioned the Tyrant interacted with the Tension Deck? Well, this is it. Usually when a boss encounter begins, the players stop drawing from the Tension Deck. This represents the switch from the game’s eerie atmosphere to a full-blown battle for survival, where the survivor’s health tracks become the most important timer. This is not the case with the T-103 Tyrant.

Each of the T-103 Tyrant’s behaviour cards has an entry to tell players how many cards must be discarded from the Tension Deck when it is drawn. These cards aren’t resolved at least, but discarding them, often two or three at a time, accelerates the scenario dramatically. If the deck runs out? The Underground Laboratory’s self-destruct system detonates, destroying everything inside.

Which most certainly means game over.

Once the encounter begins, you really don’t have long to defeat the Tyrant, and the battle descends into a frenetic and desperate struggle like none other. Sound tough? Yes, it is. But we have faith in you guys. If you can make it this far, then you can push yourselves that little bit harder and find the true ending to Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game!