Godtear BackerKit Incoming & How to Adjust your Pledge

Pledge Manager Launching TODAY! 20:00BST

We have been pretty busy behind the scenes with preparing the pledge manager for everyone to use. We have once again teamed up with our friends over at BackerKit to help us out in this regard.


For those of you who have not done a Kickstarter before here are some simple bullet points of the next steps:

From 20:00BST Tonight, you will receive an email from BackerKit which will allow you access to the Pledge Manager (PM). Access is sent out in waves so it may take some time to arrive.

  • The Pledge Manager is where you pay for shipping along with selecting additional products you may wish to purchase
  • The Pledge Manager will be open over the coming months. A lock date has not yet been announced.
  • You can re-visit, edit and add products until the pledge manager is locked. Credit/Debit Cards will be charged at multiple dates throughout.
  • The first date will be around the 20th June. We will confirm the date and make you aware as soon as possible.
  • Shipping for any additional Add-Ons is COMPLETELY FREE!
  • Paypal will be available as a payment option. Please be aware that if you choose to pay via Paypal funds will be taken from your account immediately.

All backers will be sent an access email (in waves) or can access: godtear.backerkit.com/ Then enter your email address and a link will be sent to you.  

Please leave 24 hours before contacting support if you haven't received your invite or the above link is not working for you.

Still Need Help?


If you are unsure of the process, need some advice or help the above link is amazingly useful and should help guide you through the process. If all else fails, you can contact backerkit directly or support@steamforged.com with your issues.


Can I change what I have already ordered? Unfortunately, not, all prior orders are locked and have already been planned into production. 

Will this affect the delivery of the product? No - we are happy that any increased volume will not impact on delivery.

When will my Payment be taken out of my account? If you choose to pay via PayPal then funds will immediately be taken from your account. If you choose to pay via card then we will take payment around the 20th June. This date will be confirmed closer to the time.

Adjust your pledge!

Step 1 of 7

After you have logged onto the BackerKit via the email or by clicking godtear.backerkit.com/  you will need to click "Switch your pledge level" in the red box out.

Step 1.jpg

Step 2 of 7

Choose the new pledge level! We recommend choosing the ASCENDED PLEDGE for maximum value & to not miss out on anything in the Kickstarter. The click 'Switch'.

Step 2.jpg

Step 3 of 7

Click 'OK' on the pop up to confirm your choice!

step 3.jpg

Step 4 of 7

With your Pledge Level changed you will be returned to the start page and now you can click Get Started.

step 4.jpg

Step 5 of 7

Choose any additional products you want by 'Adding to Cart' then click 'Next'.

step 5.jpg

Step 6 of 7

Input your shipping address, and double check it is correct, then check it again just to be sure. Then before you click next, check it one last time. Then click 'next'

step 6.jpg

Step 7 of 7

Double check EVERYTHING again! Make sure you have the right Shipping Address and correct Pledge Items. Then input your card or paypal details (this will appear later) and finally click 'Place My Order'.

step 7.jpg