Bigger Better Big League | Guild Ball

What Is Big League?

Way back in Season 2 we released a campaign system called the Big League. The Big League is a campaign system designed to suit a variety of different players with a variety of win conditions. Players CAN focus on winning the most games to gain the title of League Champion. Or they can focus their cunning and wits towards gaining campaign points to become Master Strategos. Or finally the player that spends the most favours through tough negotiation and willingness to seize opportunities can become Master of Shadows.

Season 2 was a long time ago and feels like a very different time. Mascots feared for their lives, players had multiple recovery levels, we rolled for initiative at the start of each turn and the Hunters had just entered the world of Guild Ball. The game has moved on massively since then, but the Big League has seen only a few minor updates despite its popularity within certain communities. However, this changes today as we are proud to announce an update to the Big League!

What’s Changing?

The base system of Big League will not be changing too much, after all, don’t fix what ain’t broken, right? However, there is still a lot of new stuff to talk about. We’ll cover each in more detail soon but here is the short list of new updates;

  • Guild Plots for New Guilds
  • 10 New Common Campaign Plot cards
  • Rules for playing the Big League with Game Plan cards

New Teams Join the Big League

new cards.jpg

Since its inception in Season 2, the Big League hasn’t kept up with the introduction of new Guilds and now Minor Guilds. We have had requests to add new Guilds into the Big League and today those requests have been answered! This update adds new Guild Plots for Farmers, Blacksmiths, Ratcatchers, and Falconers so now everyone regardless of Guild can share in the fun and puns of the Big League.

New Common Campaign Cards

A major part of the original Big League was building your own deck of Plot cards throughout the course of a campaign. The original release of the Big League came with 10 Common cards that any player could use in their Plot Card deck. With this new release we have decided to widen the options each player has by adding 10 new Common cards to the Big League set. The more observant and seasoned players of Guild Ball will notice that all 10 of these new cards are taken from a mixture of the Season 1, 2, and 3 Plot Card sets.

Those experienced with the Big League system might be confused about this inclusion given that previously all prior plot cards were allowed. With this update to the Big League we have decided that only the Guild Campaign Plots and the permitted Common cards will be allowed within Big League. This was a hard decision to make, however the changing nature of Guild Ball has made it necessary. Guild Ball has changed a lot since the earlier seasons, our design philosophy has changed, and a lot of new releases have come out changing the landscape of the game. Some of those old Plot Cards can lead to bad experiences that go against the fun spirit of the Big League (*cough* Don’t Touch The Hair *cough*) and feel like relics of a time that Guild Ball has moved beyond. In some instances, the context of new releases makes some of those cards oppressive (no one wants to face +1 ARM Blacksmiths. NO ONE). As a result, we made the choice to only allow certain cards that don’t compromise the more casual experience Big League is tailored for. Those of you that have the old plot cards will still be able to use them, but only the ones on the Common card list are within the rules.

Game Plan Integration

The Big League was designed in a time before the release of Game Plan cards and the phasing out of the old plot card system. The new version of the Big League features rules allowing players to use Plot Cards and the Game Plans together. To use both, each player has a hand of Game Plans and a hand of Plot Cards. Plot cards are played when a player meets the requirement and Game Plans during the initiative phase as normal. When choosing the new Common cards, we made an effort to ensure very little duplication of effects present on the Game Plan cards, to ensure combinations of cards don’t negate each other. If you prefer, the option is even still there to play without Game Plans and roll for initiative like we used to.

Start Your Big League Today!

These new cards need to be printed out. The new cards are NOT in the Big League Campaign Deck.

These new cards need to be printed out. The new cards are NOT in the Big League Campaign Deck.

You can grab the new Big League rules update from our website, this will give you access to the new rules and the new cards for the Big League. You can also grab the original physical cards via our webstore, order quick because stock is limited on these.

Soon™ we’ll be talking to you about our print on demand service for buying individual or whole sets of Guild Ball cards. That could be pretty useful for getting hold of some of these new Big League cards eh?