Guild Ball Announcements at NOVA Open!

Hey there Some of our staff are away at the NOVA Open this weekend in Washington DC, and they’ve taken a lovely presentation to show everyone there. We’ve gotten permission to show off all the stuff in that presentation here so those of us who aren’t lucky enough to be at NOVA can see all the new shinies! If you’re interested in what we showed off for Godtear then you can find that roundup blog here.

Without further ado, let’s jump in! 

Resin Teams

So the first thing we’re gonna show all of you is an update on the new resins for the Major Guilds. The teams shown below are the Alchemists, Masons, and Brewers, which are all at various stages in production. Firstly, we’re gonna show you those models to coo over and then we’re going to break down what each of the stages actually mean! 

NOVA Open Masons Guild Solid Foundations.jpg

Those are pretty, eh? We’d recommend taking a good look at the pics, especially the new sculpts! If you look at the top of each of those images, you’ll see a status update on each of them. We’re gonna now run through and go a little more into detail about what each of those mean. 


The Alchemists are currently In Mass Production. This, pretty simply, means that the moulds are complete and the factory is currently in the process of physically making the models. The resin Alchemists will be available for pre-order in September.


The Masons are currently In Tooling. This means that we’re currently making the moulds, revising them based on any issues that pop up, and sample checking by sending us some of the initial samples. We can then suggest any changes we think we need to make, and finalise the mould. This is the step immediately before mass production, and the resin Masons will be released in October. 


The Brewers are currently In 3D Masters Prep. This means that basically we get in house 3D prints made based on the initial renders, to test how they look in physical form, to look at where the best place to make cuts would be for production, that sort of thing. This is still in house, before it goes to our resin production partners, and can take a lot of time (cause 3D printing takes aaaaaaaagess). The final 3D prints will be sent to the manufacturers to use to let them start tooling/sampling. The resin Brewers will be released in November. 

Wave 1 Veterans 

The veterans from the New Beginnings/New Alliances boxes will be re-released soon in resin too. We actually already have this first wave in the warehouse, and they’ll be available for pre-order in September! 

New Captains

So now we’ve given you the rundown on these resins, let’s take a look at the remaining third captains for the major guilds! 


Festival is the third Farmer Guild captain, and she’s truly a joyous celebration of the harvest. She’s a Planter, who can move and heal multiple friendly models each turn, as well as support her team in plenty of other ways! 



Soma is the third Alchemist Captain, and is the first dual state model in Guild Ball; that’s right, a model with two separate cards! One of their versions is all about passive support abilities, the other is a model with extremely high damage output, but which is also extremely fragile in return.



Veteran Greede is the third Union captain, and he’s pretty unique. For one, he takes the role of both the Captain and Mascot of your team, so your team only has five models on the pitch. However, one of his special abilities is that once per turn, any friendly model can take a second activation! He’s a primarily support captain who can also rattle out some serious damage if he needs to. 


New Minor Guild

In the keynote we also introduced the next Minor Guild; it’s the Minor Guild for the Farmers, the Shepherd’s Guild! 

Shepherd’s Guild 

So, we have a little bit to say about the Shepherd’s Guild! They’re more football focused than the Farmers, but since they’re the Farmer Minor Guild, they can still definitely fight more than a bit! The main design element for the Shepherds is their ‘punishment’ mechanic. When any Shepherd’s model suffers the taken out condition, this triggers a global buff to the rest of their team for the remainder of the turn. This provides an interesting problem for the opponent, since you have to consider carefully when to take out the Shepherd’s models. You also saw two models in there in a bit more detail, so let’s talk about them in a little bit more detail 


If you’re into British football much at all, this guy might look a bit familiar...Shearer is a striker, and he’s a bit of a legend at football, if you like. His punishment mechanic is that when he suffers the taken out condition he buffs the rest of the team’s footballing ability for the rest of the turn, which is cool!  


Ram is a truly enormous...goat? thing? that the Shepherds use to ride around and herd sheep. Ram excels at moving models around, both friendly and enemy, and comes on a 50mm base. Ram has a LOT of health, and if they do get taken out, their punishment mechanic buff is defensive in nature. It’s good too. We promise. 

New Style Boxes 


This is just a nice design for new boxes to support retailers purchasing stock through SFG Direct (beta) to support our community.

New Game Plans


Something we’ve had people ask for for a while is new Game Plans. We have the new set almost ready to go, and these will be released in November. Some key things we learned from the first set of Game Plans have been put into practice, so there are less cards with minus Influence on them, for instance. Additionally there are more cards that affect both Players, and the lower initiative cards tend have have generally stronger effects than previously. Mechanically, these work identically to the previous cards (so there are still 18 cards in the set, for instance). 

Well there we have it! The full round up of everything we showed for Guild Ball at NOVA. We hope you’re all super excited for the next few months! Catch you all next time!