Godtear: New Scenario & BackerKit Live!

With last week ushering in 1.0, this week’s update is extremely light. In fact, the only change is the addition of a new scenario… but we’ll get to that a little later.

In Case You Missed It

The BackerKit is now live! Click here to find out how to fill yours in!

New Scenario - Chaos

Before we jump into talking about the new scenario, we have a small request from our graphics team in regard to the card layout.

Currently the cards are in a nice simple layout to lessen the strain on everyone’s printers, but as we move forward we need to start looking at what the final design for the Godtear cards might be… and this is where you folks come in!

So, what feedback is our wonderful graphics team looking for?

  • Are the icons clear?
  • Are the numbers and text explanations clear?
  • Is necessary information easy to find?
  • What recommendations and ideas do you have regarding final card design?

The big addition this week is the new scenario, Chaos. As mentioned in a previous update, our goal is for each scenario to provide its own unique puzzle for players to solve, where even the same warband match-up will play out very differently from scenario to scenario. Chaos is of course no different, and never has the name of a scenario been so accurate!

Are you the kind of player that tries to maintain a calm and calculated approach to ensure you score steps at the right time? Are you the kind of player that throws caution to the wind, obliterating all in your path and see how it all shakes out in the end phase? One thing is for certain, trying to maintain control in such a chaotic scenario is not something that comes easily!

If you like deploying far up the battlefield and rushing your opponent to force them to answer questions, then Chaos is for you! If you like playing slightly more reserved, setting up for a big turn 3, then Chaos is for you! Put simply, if you like fun… then Chaos is for you!

This week, in addition to any other feedback you have, please be sure to let us know: 

  • Are the rules for the new scenario, Chaos, clear?
  • What are your current thoughts on the four classes of champion? 
  • Do you have a favorite class? If so, which one, and why? 
  • Do you have a least favorite class? If so, which one, and why? 
  • In each of your test games, how many steps were scored for cull (follower knockouts), conquer (champion knockouts), claim (banner placement), and capture (banners in the end phase)? 
  • What are your top 3 balance recommendations at this point in the game’s development? 

Thanks, and have fun!