Get Ready for Season 4 | Guild Ball

We hope you’ve been enjoying our Season 4 player card reveals, being able to show off the changes we’ve been working on for months has us all super excited for the new Season! We’re back today to talk about the Season 4 Launch Pack and how store owners and our wonderful Pundits can run events using it!

We’ve been releasing Launch Packs for each new Guild since the Blacksmiths, and those events have been some of the most fun we’ve ever seen. With wacky rules, amazing prizes, and a strong focus on fun, they’ve been getting an amazing reaction from the community. We’re so happy about this we decided to release one specifically for the launch of Season 4, and thought we’d write a blog to let you guys know how the pack will function, and let you know where to get your own pack if it sounds cool!

What's This? What's This?

The Season 4 Launch Pack should be used for a one day, 8-player Guild Ball Season 4 Launch Party. As with all of our launch events, the Guild Ball Season 4 Launch Party is a fun and friendly participation event. This is a perfect opportunity to welcome people back to the game if they’ve taken a break, or to welcome brand new players into the Guild Ball community! It’s not intended to be as tactical as a tournament or as stressful and precise as the Guild Ball World Championship. It’s a fun, simple day of playing Guild Ball among friends, while players get to grips with the updated rules and all the cool new stuff their models can do!  

Guild Ball Season 4 is coming out on Saturday 13th October 2018. That weekend (the 13th/14th of October) would be perfect for running a Season 4 Launch Party. We’ll be running our own mega Season 4 Launch Party at SteamCon US on that same weekend, it’s going to be an incredible weekend where our global community gets to celebrate the arrival of this new Season together.

Whether running or participating in a Season 4 Launch Party, don’t forget to take lots of photographs and share them using the hashtag #GuildBallS4. Take loads pictures of players enjoying the new Season and promote your local store for supporting Guild Ball Season 4. We’ll be sharing and retweeting everything we see with #GuildBallS4 to showcase how much fun everyone is having!

event pack blog.jpg

Some of you may have seen this image floating around over the last few days. This is the Season 4 Launch Party pack and it contains everything you need to jumpstart your local community into playing games of Guild Ball Season 4! List of contents:

  • 9x sets of Limited-edition Alternate Art Brewers Player Cards (one for each Brewer model in Kick Off!)
  • 9x sets of Limited-edition Alternate Art Mason Player Cards (one for each Mason model in Kick Off!)
  • 9x Limited-edition Alternate Art Lucky Player Cards
  • 9x Brewer & Mason Dual Guild Lucky Models
  • Guild Ball Season 4 Launch Party Guide
  • 10 Double-sided Coach Record Sheets
  • 9x sets of 2 Quick Reference Cards
  • Season 4 Sticker Sheet
  • 40 Launch Party Flyers
  • 2 Double-sided Poster and Launch Party Sign-up Sheets

Sounds Great! So, What’s All the Stuff For?

This launch pack will help you do two things. Firstly, the contents will help you promote your launch event, and secondly, they’ll provide prizes for everyone who attends! A launch pack provides prizes for eight people; each participant will get to take away 13 Limited-edition Season 4 player cards (6 Brewers, 6 Masons, and Lucky!), a Lucky model, and 2 Quick Reference Cards. This is really awesome for anyone who has picked up the Kick Off! two-player starter set, or who’s just interested in the Brewers or Masons Guilds. Even if you’re not a Brewers or Masons player, alt art cards are pretty sweet, and it’ll be sweet to come along and see Season 4 for the first time!

One particular super cool thing that’s in this launch pack is a set of Quick Reference Cards for every player. These are a brand-new feature never seen before in any of our previous launch packs. These are double-sided cards that list some of the most important features of the Guild Ball Season 4 core rules and serve as perfect reminders for new and veteran players alike! These cards break down things like the structure of the Normal Turn Sequence, the list of Momentous Actions that players can spend momentum points on, the effects of common conditions such as burning and poison, as well as an explanation of what each playbook result does during melee attacks. While obviously these are awesome for any player, they’re specifically helpful for anyone who’s just picking up the game!

Sounds Good! How Do I Promote My Launch Event?

Firstly, tell everyone about it! Create a Facebook event! Share your launch event’s details on twitter (don’t forget to #GuildBallS4)! Post up the double-sided poster and sign-up sheet at your local gaming store or gaming club and get people to sign up for the event! Make sure everyone you know takes home a launch party flyer! Make sure that EVERYONE in your local gaming community knows that Guild Ball Season 4 is coming and that they should be excited about it because it’s gonna be awesome!

Local gaming store owners also get to make use of the Season 4 sticker sheet included in each launch pack. These stickers should go onto any Guild Ball products in your store to let everyone know that every team is compatible with Guild Ball Season 4. Beyond that, every team will have updated rules with new, exciting, and powerful abilities to try out! All of the new rules can be downloaded for free from, or better yet, download the official Guild Ball smartphone app, Guild Ball Manager, and play Guild Ball Season 4 using your smartphone or tablet.

We recommend placing Season 4 stickers on the following products:

  • Guild Ball Kick Off!
  • The Farmer’s Guild: Honest Land
  • The Farmer’s Guild: Old Father’s Harvest
  • The Blacksmith’s Guild: Forged from Steel
  • The Blacksmith’s Guild: Master Crafted Arsenal
  • The Ratcatcher’s Guild: Paying the Piper
  • The Falconer’s Guild: Daughter of Falcons
  • The Game Plan Deck
  • Guild Ball Metal Blisters
  • Guild Ball Metal 6-Model Boxed Sets

Thank You!

No, thank YOU! For putting in all this hard work we always want to ensure that anyone running a Guild Ball launch event is rewarded for their time. That’s why we’ve included a ninth set of the Limited-edition Brewers, Masons, & Lucky cards, a ninth Lucky model, and a ninth set of Quick Reference Cards just for the event organiser!

That’s all for today folks. So get out there, start planning your Season 4 Launch Parties, and let’s start building hype for Season of Guild Ball! #GuildBallS4

Retail store owners can order the Season 4 Launch Party pack from your Guild Ball distributor from tomorrow (September 1st).