It’s that time of year again folks!  The Guild Ball National Championships are on the horizon! Every Sports fan the world over, from the most chiselled Mason and morbid Mortician through to the most drunken Brewer and pernicious member of The Union, every citizen of the Empire of the Free Cities pays attention as each nation holds its own competition amongst its most skillful, refined and avid coaches.  Victory means fame fortune and glory!

With the 2017 season getting into full swing, we are proud to announce the following National Championship events:

  • Sweden, Lincon - May 27th
  • Ireland, HoboCon - June 3rd
  • United Kingdom, Element Games: North West Gaming Centre - August 12-13th
  • Australia, ThreeD6 - August 26-27th
  • Canada, Attack-X - September 16
  • Germany, Various - October 7-8 
  • United States, SteamCon USA - December 2nd


National Championship Trophies

Now the eagle-eyed amongst you will have noted, as compared to the 2016 season, that we have welcomed a new addition in the form of Sweden!  Bringing the total number of National Champions to 7, up from 6, from 2016.

Like last year we have looked to our fantastic Pundits and volunteers to help run and organise some of these events, especially in the territories where Steamforged does not have a presence. Without their hard-work and dedication, we wouldn’t be able to bring you the excellent event experience that we know that you have all come to love and enjoy.

With that in mind, detailed below is various links to more in-depth information for each of the National Championships being run by our excellent National Championships Event Hosts, that prospective attendees might find useful.


The Swedish National Championship is being held at Lin Con 2017.  The convention is taking place from May 24 – 28, with the Championships itself taking place on Saturday 27th May.  A word of advice however, entrants will need a ticket for both the convention and the event itself, although this won’t be too much of an issue, given the price! The convention day tickets are only 150 Swedish Krona (about £13/$18), and event tickets available on tiebreak for only £5!  Can you pass up the opportunity for glory?!


The Irish National Championships this year is being held at HoboCon.  The Con itself is taking place over the weekend of 3 and 4 June, in Dublin, with the Championship event taking place on Saturday 3 June.  Tickets are on sale now on tiebreak for £10, which also includes entry to the convention!  Tickets will be available on the day (subject to selling out!), but will be priced at 15 Euros.

If you have any questions about the event, the championship organiser, Eoin, is happy to receive any queries regarding the Irish National Championships. Email:


The Australian National Championships will be held at Three D6 in Tuggeranong, ACT, on August 26 and 27.  Tickets are currently on sale at a discounted rate of $50AUS.  The event is being run as its own mini convention, with multiple events, and looks to be a fantastic weekend of Guild Ball.


The Canadian National Championships will take place at Attack-X Tabletop War Gaming Expo in Kamloops, British Columbia which takes place over the weekend of September 15-17.  The Championship event itself will take place on Saturday 16th September.  The convention’s website has not yet been updated from 2016’s event, however things seem to be beginning to ramp up on their Facebook page.  With the event still a good few months away, tickets should be on sale soon.


The German National Championships are a little bit different this year.  Having taken inspiration from the Regional system that we have rolled out in the USA, we were approached by Tim (Grubbert), of Headblast who run a German language wargaming forum.  Tim approached us through our German distributor and asked whether he could take on the challenge of organising a German Regional system, leading to the German National Championships at the end of the year. 

After initial discussions, we were happy that this was something that Tim and Headblast were capable of organising.  And since then they’ve gone on to organise 12 Regional Qualifier tournaments, using their contacts from within the German Guild Ball community, all of which feed into the German National Championships taking place over 7 & 8 October, where there will be 2 last chance events for the National Championship Finals, which will be a 16-man closed event.

United Kingdom & USA

The UK and US National Championships are being run by ourselves this year.

The US National Championships, as detailed this blog post, will be held at SteamCon in the United States over December 1-3.  As discussed in a series of blog posts, available here, here and here, entry into the National Championships in the US will be through qualification only, by either winning one of the 6 Regional Championships, or securing one of the 2 last chance qualifier spots that will be up for grabs at SteamCon US.

If you think you might like a run at the title, be sure to check out this post, for a list of the remaining Regional Qualifiers, and the Regional Championships that they feed in to.

As for the UK, the National Championships will take place on August 12 and 13, at Element Games’ North-west Gaming Centre, so ensure you save the date! Tickets will be available soon!

First the Country, then maybe the World?

With all of that said, if competing for esteem, prestige and glory on a national level wasn’t enough, for those fans that may need a little more convincing to attend these exciting and challenging events, the winners of each of these events will not only be crowned their country’s National Champion, but will also be invited to compete in the World Championships, to take place at SteamCon US, over December 1-3! 

Like last year, those who are fortunate enough to earn the right to compete for glory at a world championship level will have their flights and accommodation, to the World Championship event, paid for by Steamforged Games!

With there being 7 National Champions, at the World Championships, there will be one final spot to fill before our finalists will be able to fight it out on the field, to crown our World Champion for 2017.  That spot will be filled by the winner of a last chance event at SteamCon UK, taking place of November 17 – 19.

With that, the gauntlet is laid before you.  Will you take up the challenge? The pitch and glory, awaits! Let us know on our ForumFacebook, and Twitter if you will be attending any of these events!