Amber | Free Cities Draft | Guild Ball

Amber | Champ | Edge | Gaffer | Nomad | Layne | Knuckles | Cutlass | Kami | Flea

It’s a new year! Welcome back to the Free Cities, over the next five weeks every Friday & Monday we’ll be revealing how one of the Rookies from the Free Cities draft is coping with their new Guild!

For those of you who missed the Free Cities Draft each guild fought to recruit a new rookie to their roster. There were deals struck, memes made, a fierce rivalry, and plenty of games of Guild Ball were played in an attempt to attract the right rookie.

The final standings were:

  • Farmer’s Guild - Amber

  • Alchemist’s Guild - Kami

  • Butcher’s Guild - Layne

  • Hunter’s Guild - Edge

  • Mortician’s Guild - Gaffer

  • Blacksmith’s Guild - Cutlass

  • Mason’s Guild - Champ

  • Fisherman’s Guild - Knuckles

  • Engineer’s Guild - Nomad

  • Brewer’s Guild - Flea