Cook's Guild Pepper Reveal | Guild Ball

Hey there cooking fans, welcome back to the latest Guild Ball reveal blog. This week we’re looking at a nasty little weasel who we wouldn’t trust as far as we could throw him (which is actually quite far, to be fair). That’s right, it’s the Spice Weasel, Pepper!

A Weasel Ain’t Nuttin’ But An Evil Otter


Pepper has an undoubted rivalry with a certain adorable otter from the Fisherman’s Guild, but both animals have certain similarities. In fact their statlines are almost identical. Pepper has a poorer KICK than Salt, but higher TAC, showing their respective Guild’s focus!

Their playbooks are where the differences really start, with good momentous damage on Pepper’s first two columns. The tackle and the dodges are non-momentous this time, of course. Pepper can actually chunk out a decent amount of damage, particularly when the plethora of buffs in the Cook’s Guild are added onto him having the guild rule, Intimidation.

Pepper also has Where’d They Go? as his only character play, which is a really solid ability. With two influence he has a 15” goal threat, which is hardly bad for a mascot. It’s a useful option to have in your back pocket if all else fails and you find yourself needing a goal to win! More than that, for one influence he can move 11”, which is a hell of distance to travel in a single activation for that small an influence investment. This makes him a good ball retrieval piece, or a model which you can send into engage an enemy model to gang up for another friendly model coming in next activation!

He’s also an extremely annoying model to leave engaging an enemy model, as we’ll see once we get to the back of his card.

Finally, Pepper has 6 HP. Otters are basically similar to weasels, who knew?

Simply Vicious


Well, he’s a pretty simple model here, but let’s quickly go through these! Intimidation is the Cook’s Guild Rule, and it’s really rather brilliant. We’ve covered it in the two previous blogs, but reducing opponent DEF by 1 is silly good whenever you’re making attacks.

His other trait is Vicious. Now while we’ve seen this on Season 4 Princess before, interestingly it was actually developed for Pepper before being added to Princess during the Season 4 playtest. It’s just a great rule, and it’s why it’s so irritating if you leave Pepper engaging an enemy model. Normally if a mascot is engaging you, you can just walk the model away and not worry too much about the Parting Blow. However with Pepper, it’s not safe for the opponent to just jog out with the model, since Pepper gets to make a TAC 7 attack with +1 DMG and -1 DEF on them! That’s pretty freaking scary for any model. So they’re forced to spend resources and time working out how to disengage without taking that scary Parting Blow, or just accept that whenever the next Cook’s model is coming in, it’s coming in with an extra die from Ganging Up!

So, another simple model for the Cook’s Guild, Pepper is a damage dealing mascot with flexible abilities that also help him snag a loose ball or lock down an enemy player. He’s one of the scariest mascots out there. I mean let’s face it, no other mascot carries knives, right? If you think the Spice Weasel looks like fun, you can pre order the Cook’s Guild: Hell’s Kitchen here!