Caduceus & Avantika | Critical Role

Did you correctly guess who the silhouetted miniatures were on Facebook and Twitter? In case you needed any introduction, they are Caduceus Clay and Avantika.

Caduceus Clay, played by Taliesin Jaffe, made his first appearance in Campaign 2, Episode 28: Within the Nest, and quickly became a fan favourite.

Why wasn’t Caduceus in the Mighty Nein Miniature Box from our Kickstarter? Well, Caduceus joined the Mighty Nein AFTER our Kickstarter campaign finished; but we couldn’t leave Caduceus out, so we are releasing him as a resin miniature!

Avantika is an NPC, and as such is voiced by none other than Matthew Mercer. Avantika first appeared in Campaign 2, Episode 37: Dangerous Liaisons, and remained a regular NPC for seven consecutive episodes (not to mention her intimate ‘business agreement’ with Fjord in that unforgettable scene between Matthew and Travis).


ICYMI, last week we published a Victor assembly and painting guide to aid you in bringing Victor to life on the tabletop, and you’ve been busy Critters as #CrittersPaint has been flooded with images of you painting up your Critical Role Miniatures! 

What’s #CrittersPaint? CrittersPaint is our community hashtag on Twitter & Instagram to showcase your painted Critical Role Miniatures to the Critter Community, and each week we hand pick a few to be showcased in our blog like the ones below!