Going, Going, Gone | Godtear

In the first of two ‘going, going, gone’ news items, we are now closing the application process for external playtester groups announced a couple of updates ago. We’ve had lots of interest from all over, and most of the applicant groups have already turned in their answers to our questionnaire. If you’re one of the groups who hasn’t, please do so as soon as possible. We’re planning to choose the first couple of groups next week with additional groups to follow!

This week’s update doesn’t bring a lot of big changes, but we’re well into the development of post-Kickstarter champions at this point, and we occasionally find elements where we could increase clarity or consistency here and there. If you’re a completist (like me), then feel free to update your Raith’Marid and Sneaky Peet cards, but they don’t have any changes from a gameplay standpoint.

We do have a few fairly minor rules changes, though. If you were up to date last week and are printing out new cards this week, the cards you’ll need to update are:

  • Titus
  • Lorsann

Titus has a minor tweak to his Challenge skill to avoid potential confusion about whether you could choose the same blight twice. It is a niche interaction, but the revised version will head off any confusion or arguments before they begin.

Additionally, the speed stats on Lorsann and her Mistwood Rangers have been tweaked to match Finvarr and the Shadow Sentinels. Speed stats above 2 in the plot phase will be more common on our more reckless races, and speed 3 in the clash phase allows them to sneak away better when needed.

So let’s get to our second ‘going, going, gone’ news item. Godtear has evolved quite a bit since the Kickstarter closed, much less since the first early access packs were sent out. At some point, however, those changes need to come to a stop, and that time is approaching rapidly for all of the models from the Kickstarter campaign.

In our last update, we asked which champions you felt were ‘complete,’ and that question is even more important now. Within the next couple of updates, we’ll be announcing that certain champions are ‘locked,’ and they will no longer receive changes or balance updates. For all those out there who have been playing early access games of Godtear, let your voices be heard! Be sure to let us know which champions you think are ready for lock and which need a bit more testing and tweaking beforehand.

This week, in addition to any other feedback you have, please be sure to let us know:

  • Which champions do you think are complete at this point and do not need further revisions?
  • Which champions do you think should be a focus of continuing testing before they are locked?
  • Do you think any champions are too powerful (if so, why)?
  • Do you think any champions are not powerful enough (if so, why)?
  • Are there any scenarios you think should receive a final look before being locked (if so, why)?

Thanks, and have fun!