The Final Countdown | Free Cities Draft | Guild Ball

This is it! The final countdown (you can sing along if you’d like, we won’t judge you), and your last chance to vote before the Draft takes place at SteamCon UK. This narrative event has been a crazy and utterly enthralling run for everyone involved, and you’ve been an incredible community. We’re pleased to announce we’ve logged over double the amount of games we saw for Union in Chains last year, and the Free Cities Draft still hasn’t finished. Well done!

Time for this week’s update, but before we go any further, if you’re new to our Community Events and aren’t sure how to get involved, don’t worry. You can find out everything you need to know here. Come and join the fun!

FCD Power Rankings

In our previous updates we’ve focused on Player Popularity and Guild Standings. These were fun and served us well, but now we’re in the final stretch of the campaign its time for a more comprehensive update, so you can make the most informed decisions possible—and learn exactly who your rivals really are.

Ready to go? Read on…


The Farmer’s Guild remain at the top, and with a massive lead over all of their rivals, we’re not sure they can be caught, especially at the rate their coaches are reporting games. Their first choice remains Amber, who is staggeringly popular—she has over two hundred more votes than the next closest rookie. Other teams read this and take heed… now is a good time to get local Farmer coaches to support your cause, because theirs is safely in the bag.


They’re the only team with any hope of catching the Farmers, but Blacksmith’s Guild coaches don’t care for Amber in the slightest. Their first choice has always been Gaffer, and much like with the Farmer’s Guild, this seems a formality unless something truly extraordinary takes place. Let’s put things in perspective—their rivals for Gaffer are the Morticians, who gave up the chase for the pundit weeks ago and trail over a hundred votes.

Now, we’ll certainly forgive you for being disappointed the race for first and second place appears to be over, but don’t worry. Third place and onwards things start getting far more interesting…


The Alchemist’s Guild are only nine votes ahead of fourth place, their early lead all but eroded over the course of the campaign. They not only have a fight for final standing in the next few days, but also have to contend with turmoil sweeping through their ranks. In the late campaign support for Nomad is fast being replaced with calls for Kami—which might not be such a concern, until you realise the Butchers also have the Numasai gunslinger in their sights…  


It’s entirely possible the Butcher’s Guild will decide the fate of just about every team below them with their choice, especially if they manage to rise into third place. Their top three are Kami, Layne, and Champ, and barely twenty votes separate them. Over the next few days, Butchers coaches will have to come to an agreement which one of these players they want—and whichever they go for is going to dramatically alter the Draft selections for the teams to follow.


The Mortician’s Guild should have a safe position in the rankings with a healthy number of votes keeping their heads above water, but they’re entirely at the whim of the Butchers if they continue chasing Layne. Their other popular rookie is Edge, a player uncontested by the teams currently in ranks 1-4. So, Morticians, we ask you… are you content to let the reds take control of your destiny, or are you going to make a final push and live up to the Ferryman’s infamous reputation?


At time of writing, the Fisherman’s Guild might be in the weakest position of all the teams in the Draft. They lead the team below by only one vote, and the team in eighth place by less than twenty. Their rookie selections are just as vulnerable—Kami and Champ might well be taken by the time the Draft reaches sixth place, and the whilst Cutlass appears a safe ship on paper, if they slip any further there’s no guarantee she won’t get snapped up by another team reduced to their fourth-place choice…


Which brings us to the Mason’s Guild, who are stuck between a rock and a hard place and have it all to play for. Your top three are Champ, Kami, and Edge… all players who could very easily be taken by the time you get your choice. Our best advice is to start hammering away at those games in the last few days. Rise two places and you’ll definitely get one of your top three, any less than that and you’re hoping the Alchemist’s Guild switch back to Nomad, and the Fishermen are content to take Cutlass.


If the Draft were to end right now, the Engineer’s Guild would walk away with Knuckles, which we’re guessing would suit the #undercogs just fine. Rounding out your top three are Kami and Champ, who definitely seem far beyond reach at this stage unless you can convince some of those Blacksmith, Farmer, or Union coaches to sign up and get some games in for you. Now is definitely not the time to rest, as it’s perfectly possible even Knuckles gets snapped up before we reach your turn at the Draft.


Hunter’s Guild coaches! We’ve heard plenty of rumours about your last-minute ambush—now is without doubt the time to launch it. Edge has the most votes by a nose, but for her to sign up you’re hoping she doesn’t get snatched by the Morticians or Masons, which in turn relies on a confluence of top-table events which makes our heads spin. If Edge doesn’t return to the great forests (there’s a story spoiler, if ever there was one…) Flea is just behind...


This event just hasn’t seemed to be the one for the Brewer’s Guild, which was a real surprise after their storming success in the Union in Chains campaign. The team in dead last will get no choice over their player, but here’s some interesting solace if you’re still here at the end of the campaign – depending on how the rest of the voting goes, its entirely feasible that this player could be Knuckles, Cutlass, Nomad, Edge, or Flea. Chaos theory abounds!

We’re Leaving Together… (Okay, we’re singing along with you now)

And there we are, sports fans! Remember, none of these rankings are final until 4PM BST on Saturday 10th November (online voting ends 10AM BST on Friday 9th November), so you can still affect them with your games. Don’t leave the fate of your team to chance, and smash out as many results as you can over the next few days!

We’ll see you at Steamcon for the final standings!