Here Comes the Sun do-do-do-do - Veteran Minx

Be very very quiet. We’re hunting spoilers.

Last week we took a look at the Brewer’s Guild exile, Veteran Decimate. If you missed last week’s blog you can find it HERE. Today, it’s the turn of the Hunter’s Guild to see their exile, Veteran Minx, the Reborn of the Sun.

The Woman with No Face

Patience is a virtue, it’s said, particularly for a Hunter, and no one has waited longer for a model than the Hunter’s Guild. It’s been a long old road for her. Pawn of the Union in Season 1, bought by Obulus, freed by Hearne in Season 2, fought over by the Morticians and Hunters in Season 3, and now at long last, back in the warm, safe, only slightly murdery home of the Hunter’s Guild. She’s always been a Hunter at heart, in fact she was the first model to ever explicitly play for the Hunters, waaaaay back in Season 1, long before the Guild was even released.

Let’s look at her now she’s come home.


Well now. Compared to her original version, Veteran Minx has gained a point of KICK accuracy, a 2” melee, and a lovely green card with a Hunters symbol on it, which is a pretty nice start to things right off the bat. Her speed is still one of the most impressive things on there, and her handsome new spear means she has an 11” threat range without any outside assistance, which is at the top end of what you’ll typically see.

Much like Veteran Decimate last week, Veteran Minx’s Playbook makes a virtue of simplicity. It only has two non-momentous results, one of which is a Tackle (she’s a stabber, not a baller), and a solid wealth of options. A momentous Dodge on column 1 means she can very reliably generate momentum and move around even more, and momentous two DMG on column 2 gives her a solid, pretty reliable momentous damage result. She also has a momentous GB result on column 3, which we’ll discuss in a moment. Towards the top end of the Playbook, she has a double Dodge on column 4, and a rather nice momentous three DMG/Dodge result on column 5.

Hitting the very top end of her Playbook can be a bit of a challenge, but bear in mind she’s in the Hunters. With an abundance of effects like Gut & String, Singled Out, and of course the Snared condition, the Hunters have always had a variety of ways of unlocking the top ends of their Playbooks.

Minx has two Character Plays, one of which, More Teeth!, triggers on that momentous GB symbol we talked about earlier and allows her to put down additional jawbone traps. This is actually a pretty important Character Play for her, but we’ll discuss that when we get to the back of her card and see exactly what these jawbone traps do!

Her second Character Play is thematically a follow up to Marked Target on her original version. Marked For Death is a cool Play that really cements the role we wanted for this model, for her to be a vanguard model which can go in, set up an enemy model, and be a pain to remove. Marked for Death is a bit of an odd rule wording wise, because it affects friendly models which are targeting enemy models within Minx’s melee zone, which isn’t an area of wording we’ve really done before. This is actually a really cool bit of design space that opens up a bunch of interesting interactions for us.

This Play allows friendly models to gain +0/+2” MOV when Charging an enemy model that’s within Minx’s melee range, AND pay 1 less Influence for the Charge. Jaecar charging for 1 Influence, anyone? Sound alright, yeah? Coupled with all of the Furious available in the Hunter’s Guild, this just makes the Guild even MORE Influence efficient.

Traps, Traps Baby


So, three rules on the back of this card, one of which we’ve seen before, two of which are new. Let’s discuss the one we’ve seen before first. Blessing of the Sun Father is a Heroic Play which is something of a Hunter staple, it allows a friendly model to make a Character Play without spending Influence. The Hunters love turning Momentum into Influence, which is fun since it’s the opposite of what other Guilds get to do! Getting access to this Heroic Play for a third time gives them a whole bunch more options.

As for the new rules on there, the first one is Heightened Senses. This gives Minx +1 DEF against damaged enemy models, i.e. any model which isn’t on full HP. This rule makes Minx DEF 5+/ARM 1 against any damaged enemy models, which is a completely obnoxious defensive statline!

The final rule on her card is also the longest. Traps are one of the coolest Hunter mechanics, and we’ve wanted to put another trapper into the Hunter’s Guild for a long time. Jawbone Traps allows her to place a jawbone-trap within 2”. When an enemy model moves within 1” of the trap, the enemy model suffers 2 DMG and the trap is removed.

This synergises with the More Teeth! Character Play we discussed earlier, since Minx can have up to three jawbone-traps on the Pitch at once. This Character Play allows her to throw out extra traps, putting them in the exact most irritating places for enemy models. And when the enemy model has to move and suffer damage…if they want to Attack Minx, she’s now DEF 5+/ARM 1. And if they stay in her melee zone, other Hunter models get better Charges against them due to Marked For Death!

So I hope we’ve shown that Minx is a model with a bunch of tools, both on her card and when combined with the rest of her Guild. There are a lot of synergies to unlock with this model, and we’re looking forward to seeing what you guys think of her! Let us know on our social media and forums. If you think Minx looks good, you can order the Exiles box here

Happy Hunting!