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Gigantic Behaviour…

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Welcome back Hunters!

Following on from our last article where we took a close look at what players can expect from some of the larger demonic enemies in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, today we’re upping our game again and taking a look at something special…gigantic enemies!

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I see. I Know What You Are… Don’t Worry, I’ll Be Gentle

At this point we’ve already discussed quite a lot of the gameplay in  Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, covering hunters, enemies, combos, and the incredible devil triggers. However, there’s one pretty enormous aspect we haven’t looked at yet—how a boss works!

If you’ve ever wondered what an unstoppable force looks like, wonder no further. Today’s example is none other than the terrifying Elder Geryon Knight. Breathtaking, isn’t he?


There are plenty of larger enemies in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace, such as the fearsome Empusa Queen, the ferocious Riot, and the sinister Proto Angelo, and each is an imposing threat which towers over the hunters facing them… but they’re all dwarfed by the sheer scale of the Elder Geryon Knight, a model so big it takes up seven hexes of space on the game board!

Once your jaw has returned from the floor, let’s take a look at the reference card.


A vitality of 50 means that the Elder Geryon Knight can unsurprisingly withstand multiple direct hunter assaults, even if the hunters team up to attack simultaneously. And because the boss is completely immune to being stunned, hunters will also find themselves pushed to the limit just trying to avoid retribution.

In addition, when facing the Elder Geryon Knight it will be the only enemy on the game board, so there are no easy enemies to hit to start off combo chains. This will not be an easy fight by any stretch of the imagination!

Outside of being enormous and facing them on their own, bosses in Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace function in much the same way as regular enemies but with far stronger behaviours and rules on their reference cards. The Elder Geryon Knight has eight cards in its behaviour deck, representing a wide variety of destructive behaviours sure to ruin your day!

Let’s take a look at some now, starting with Lance Strike.


For those of you who have kept up with the gameplay articles we’ve already released, it should be easy to understand just how much more dangerous the Elder Geryon Knight is than a normal enemy. But, just in case you weren’t sure, we’re happy to help. The answer is a lot. Moving five hexes means at any given time the Elder Geryon Knight should easily be able to reach its target to deliver a crippling six damage attack, skewering anyone unfortunate enough to be in the way.

There are two copies of Lance Strike in the Elder Geryon Knight’s behaviour deck, meaning hunters will very likely get to know this card all too well.

The next card is particularly dangerous if the Elder Geryon Knight is surrounded, when it’s mighty steed lets out a deafening screech to ward off the attackers.


Very straightforward and extremely difficult to avoid, everything in close proximity to the Elder Geryon Knight will drop to their knees in an instant, clutching their ears.

If the Elder Geryon Knight can force the hunters close to each other, it will likely charge into the fray and try to hit as many of them as possible with a vicious Lance Sweep.


Even though the damage on this card is not quite as high as it is on Lance Strike, hunters hit by the attack have to discard a card from their hand, making it much more difficult to block. As if fighting a boss wasn’t difficult enough, fending off attacks with less cards is even worse!

Much like Lance Strike, there are two copies of Lance Sweep in the Elder Geryon Knight’s behaviour deck, meaning hunters have a good chance of seeing this card every time around

Not every card in the deck is a devastating attack, fortunately enough. Preparing for a ground shaking cavalry charge, the Elder Geryon Knight will simply back off and creating some space with Canter.


Why would a foe do this, you may be asking… probably best you didn’t ask.

This card doesn’t seem all that bad at first… until you read the text at the bottom and realise that each hex the Elder Geryon Knight moves adds to the damage it inflicts in the attack! Thundering Charge is all too capable of inflicting an enormous 12 damage with enough run up, easily able to knock out a hunter on full health in one hit!

Last but not least, we have a rare enemy ranged attack, Energy Volley.


Fearful of the melee prowess of this adversary, and hanging back? No-one is safe from this boss. Hunters standing behind their rivals and waiting for the moment to strike may think they’re safe from the Elder Geryon Knight’s attention, an Energy Volley will soon change that.

Energy Volley is even more remarkable because it shakes things up by shuffling the whole behaviour deck. This is important, because it effectively resets the Elder Geryon Knight’s attack pattern. Just when the hunters thought they’d learned what was coming next, and planned how to avoid it too…

That’s all for the Elder Geryon Knight, an incredibly tough opponent to bring down, and one that will very likely defeat scores of hunters before it finally succumbs.

Join us again for another exciting update for Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace where we’ll be exploring our upcoming Kickstarter campaign and giving you the lowdown on how it all works and what you’ll be able to get!

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