Season 4 Playtest Event - July 28th

Last Saturday we ran our second ever Guild Ball playtest event at the Game Forge Manchester. 36 excited fans turned up to get a sneak peek of how we’re going to be changing things up for Season 4 later this year. A great day was had by all in attendance and so far everyone is being fantastic about not spilling the beans. Today, we’re back to talk about the next playtest event weekend!

Want to know what we showed last time? Tough. It's one of those 'on a need to know' basis things, like a James Bond film.

So, what is a Playtest Event Again?

A Playtest Event is a single day experience which takes place at The Game Forge. You’ll get to meet members of the Steamforged Games development team and see some secret new rules, models, or both! The rest of the day will be spent playing games with the secret new rules or models and discussing your findings with our development team. We can then use your feedback to help us finish development! This is your chance to get on the inside of Steamforged Games development and see for yourself what it’s like to play with unreleased rules or models.

At our playtest events attendees are able to play three games during the day, playing both with and against numerous test models and rules, as well as discussing their findings with members of our development team. This relaxed atmosphere has proved to be enjoyable for everyone. Playtest events are a fantastic experience for any type of gamer whether you have experience of other Guild Ball events or not.

Awesome! When Is It?

Our next Guild Ball playtest event will take place at The Game Forge on Saturday 28rd of July. For those who haven’t visited The Game Forge before, you can find us here:

The Game Forge
Unit 1 Kestrel Road
Trafford Park
M17 1SF

Guild Ball Playtest Events start at 9:30am (ideally try to be there for 9am to sign in) and conclude at approximately 6pm. Attendees should expect to be able to play at least three games during the day with all playtesting materials being provided for you. However, it is a good idea to bring your own gaming models, stat cards, measuring tools, tokens, and anything else you usually use during games of Guild Ball.

Tea, coffee, soft drinks, and snacks will be available throughout the day. A free lunch is included in the price of your ticket, so please make sure to let us know about any special dietary requirements. Additionally, our onsite store will be open for the duration of the day in case you feel like picking up any of our latest releases!

Max Out Your Weekend!

From feedback we received about our earlier playtest events, running a full weekend’s worth of activities will help persuade potential attendees to travel from a longer distance to participate in our playtest event. Which makes a lot of sense; if someone is thinking about travelling 4 or more hours to come and play in a miniatures event, that person probably wants to make a whole weekend of it rather than just travel all that way for one day.

So, this time we’ve decided to run our playtest event on Saturday 28th of July. Following that, we will also run a Guild Ball Regional Cup event on Sunday 29th of July. There’s even a discounted ticket price for anyone wanting to participate in both events!

What Do We Get to Playtest?

Quite a lot actually! We spent some time considering what elements that we would like to be tested and when. The first thing we decided is that we will be splitting all our Guilds into two groups. The first group of Guilds were tested at our event last Saturday, our event on the 28th of July will be testing a different set of Guilds. This is mainly because testing all the Guilds at the same time would be a HUGE amount of information to track both for you and for our developers! Guilds being tested at this event are:

The Alchemist’s Guild
The Butcher’s Guild
The Hunter’s Guild
The Mason’s Guild
The Mortician’s Guild

Attendees will also get to play around with some of the core rules changes that we’re currently testing for Guild Ball Season 4.

Its also worth mentioning that if you don’t play any of the above Guilds, you’re still very welcome to come along and take part with the current version of any other Guild.

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

Because these events are about testing rules that are unfinished, all attendees must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before being allowed to see any of the playtest rules. Signing the NDA means that you aren’t allowed to discuss any unreleased rules or models seen during the day until they have been shown to the public by Steamforged Games. So, no going home and posting everything you found out on a forum, blog, or social media!

Additionally, no mobile phones or other recording devices are allowed during the Playtest Event. Any mobile phones or recording devices must be stored in our secure lock-box for the duration of the event to keep them safe (we have an emergency contact phone number for anyone that requires one). No written notes or playtesting materials will be allowed out of the building.


Anyone interested in participating in this Guild Ball playtest event can purchase a ticket using the below link: