Pre SteamCon Round-up | Free Cities Draft | Guild Ball

We weren’t planning on an update today, but we couldn’t resist one last report after checking the results this morning… because boy, are things heating up ahead of the final days at Steamcon!

If you’re not attending SteamCon UK over the weekend you have one last day to get your results in. What are you waiting for?! At 10AM GMT on the 9th November, we’ll be closing voting for the Free Cities Draft. After that, it will be down to SteamCon attendees alone to influence each team’s choices. If you have friends going to the show, do your best to get them onside! Voting will end at 4PM GMT on the 10th November for SteamCon attendees.

Last Chance

So… ready? Big changes on the horizon!

RANK 1: T’was the night before Draft Day, when all thro' the farm, not a creature was stirring… and neither was the FCD ranking. The Farmer’s Guild retain their lead by eighty votes, and given that no one in the top half of the table is contesting Amber, they can happily rest assured they’ve got their girl. Time to start influencing the other races, Farmer coaches—you’ve earned a couple of days off to have some fun!  

RANK 2: Massive upset #1… the Alchemist’s Guild have stolen second place! Storming up the table in the last week as the internal struggle between Nomad and Kami supporters escalates, we’re confident they’re going to get one of their top picks—we’re just not sure who that will be. Currently Nomad leads by 1%. Its close, real close. But beware the team below as much as your internal strife…

RANK 3: The Butcher’s Guild finally take third, but only five votes separate them from the Alchemists. Can they rise even higher? Kami fans will be saddened support for their girl has dropped off over the last few days—but the race between Layne and Champ is still as close as ever. Only seven votes now separate the pair. Pick Layne, and you’ll be keeping up your part of the Butcher/Blacksmith/Hunter pact…

RANK 4: Quite the fall from grace for the Blacksmith’s Guild, but their Draft pick should still be secure, provided they manage to put some results in over the weekend. They’re hunting Gaffer, of course—a player only contested by the Spooks below them. Today’s update will doubtless be disappointing, but don’t falter now, #mastergaffer is still within reach!

RANK 5: The Mortician’s Guild are under fire right now. Their lead has been eaten up by the teams below, but even more concerning is the Butcher/Blacksmith/Hunter pact which is trying to steal all of their top three picks. It looks likely that the Butchers take Layne and the Blacksmiths Gaffer, but surely the Hunters, in last place for so long, have no hope of snatching Edge… right?

RANK 6: By the warmth of the Sun Father, how things change! Snapping at the heels of the hated Ferryman and his lackeys, the Hunter’s Guild have sprung a spectacular ambush. We’re in full blown crazy territory now—this ascent wasn’t imaginable three days ago. If you can rise to fifth place, you’ll get Edge… otherwise it looks like Flea will be your guy.

RANK 7: The Fisherman’s Guild continue to languish towards the bottom of the rankings, despite an early lead. Their race to contest Champ might serve them well though—if the Butchers don’t pick up the ruthless midfielder then she’ll fall nicely for them here. Otherwise it looks like Cutlass, if they can keep seventh. Fall any more and we’re not sure either player will be available, though…

RANK 8: A projected Draft selection is difficult to call at this end of the table, and especially so for the Mason’s Guild. Their top choices are Kami, Edge, and Champ. It’s very possible Champ or Kami might fall down this far, or could be theirs if they can rise up the table. It’s all to play for, and with only two votes keeping them out of seventh anything is possible!

RANK 9: Still Knuckles so far, #undercogs! The Engineer’s Guild a little vulnerable at this stage in the Draft given how few votes you have, but that doesn’t mean you should slack off. You’re contesting the Numasai brawler with the team in last place, so keeping your place is extremely important, unless you want to be left to the vagaries of fickle fate!

RANK 10: It’s still a last place for the Brewer’s Guild, who seem to have resigned themselves to seeing how the Draft falls. At this point, you’ll be fighting for Knuckles alone with the Undercogs. We salute you, Drunks—you’ve had a rough few weeks. On the plus side, your Season Four fiction is on the horizon, where you’ll at last you’ll receive the major story arc you’ve been waiting for!

Some extremely dramatic moments in the final days… and its all to play for at SteamCon! Make sure you tune in to the Keynote on Saturday at 8PM GMT on

We’ll see you there!