What's On Offer? | SteamCon

Tomorrow we’re kicking off SteamCon UK 2018! We’ve got a few last minute surprises to talk to you about including raffle prizes, show deals, and event trophies! Haven’t bought your ticket yet? WHY NOT?! Pick up your SteamCon UK ticket HERE before 4pm today when the last few tickets will be taken off sale.

Raffle Tickets, Get Your Raffle Tickets Here!

Yes indeed, we’re going a little old school with a raffle. Tickets will be available all weekend and the prize draw will happen at 12 noon on Sunday. Buy your tickets and win some of these awesome prizes!

  • Godtear ‘Ascended’ Kickstarter Pledge – Worth over £450!

  • Godtear Early Access Kit + Rangosh & Blackjaw Expansion Set – All Exclusive Sculpts!

  • Dark Souls™ The Board Game: Black Dragon Kalameet – Exclusive Mega Boss Expansion

  • Dark Souls™ The Board Game: The Four Kings – Exclusive Mega Boss Expansion

  • Dark Souls™ The Board Game: Gaping Dragon – Mega Boss Expansion

  • Dark Souls™ The Board Game: Guardian Dragon – Mega Boss Expansion

  • Dark Souls™ The Board Game: Dark Root Expansion

  • Dark Souls™ The Card Game + Forgotten Paths Expansion

  • Guild Ball ‘The Cook’s Guild’ Poster – #1 Signed by Doug Telford

  • Guild Ball ‘The Navigator’s Guild’ Poster – #1 Signed by Doug Telford

  • Guild Ball ‘Obulus Solo’ Poster – #1 Signed by Doug Telford

  • Guild Ball ‘Theron Solo’ Poster – #1 Signed by Doug Telford

  • Guild Ball Blacksmith’s Guild Bundle

  • Guild Ball Farmer’s Guild Bundle

  • Guild Ball Ratcatcher’s Guild Bundle

  • Guild Ball Falconer’s Guild Bundle

  • Guild Ball ‘Fractured Loyalties’ Set

  • Guild Ball ‘Master of Spooks’ Set

  • Guild Ball ‘Skaldic Fest’ Set

  • Guild Ball ‘Alternate Sculpt Bolt’

  • Guild Ball 2x Bottles of ‘Free Cities Draft’ Whiskey

Make Me a Deal I Can’t Refuse!

Over at our onsite retail store, The Forge, attendees will have early access to this year’s Black Friday offers. Meaning we’ll have a TONNE of deals and bundles on offer for anyone looking to pick up new toys!

Want of taste of what’s available? Maybe you’ll be picking up the Rookie Bundle which features all of the metal Rookie models!


We’ll also have some of our newest releases on offer such as Rookie Seenah AND a brand new limited edition sculpt, Limited Edition Fathom! For this weekend, Fathom and Rookie Seenah will only be available to attendees of SteamCon UK. To sweeten the deal for fans of the Fishermen’s Guild, Limited Edition Fathom will be useable in all SteamCon events!


These are just two of the awesome offers you’ll find at The Forge, so make sure you drop in during your busy weekend to see what other huge savings we have on offer!

We’ll also have some brand-new products on offer such as our Limited Edition Guild Ball posters. We’ve taken a selection of your favorite Guild Ball art and made 100 prints of each one (numbered 1 – 100). We won’t be making any more of each print, so once they’re gone they’re gone! Also, remember our raffle? #1 (and only #1) of each print has been signed by SFG’s lead artist Doug Telford and will be given away as prizes in the raffle!


Not attending SteamCon UK? No problem! You can get in on the action by tuning into our livestream at twitch.tv/steamforged to see our live coverage of the main events at SteamCon UK. By tuning into the livestream you’ll also see our online store discount code, so you can head on over to the steamforged store and pick up some of your own brand-new stuff!


Look at The Shiny Shiny!

For those thinking about entering the SteamCon Master Artisan competition we’ve had some lovely commemorative plates made which will go to our winners as well as a nice haul of swag!


For our Guild Ball World Championship Finalists, each is already the proud owner of one of our exclusive Obulus trophies (except poor David Cameron, who is graciously allowing Bryce to hold onto his for safe keeping, permanently). We have one final Obulus trophy to give to the winner of the Last Chance Qualifier which concludes on Saturday.


Finally, our 2018 Guild Ball World Champion will get to take this piece of awesomeness home to put on their mantle!


We’re gearing up for an incredible weekend at SteamCon UK and we can’t wait to see you all there!