Miner's Guild | SFG Direct | Guild Ball

Steamforged Games is a company with a history of innovation in our products. We’re passionate about delivering premium tabletop experiences and accessories, inspired by modern gaming philosophy, technology, and sharing our passion for the hobby with as many people as possible. As we’re sure many of you remember from our announcement last May following the Indiegogo campaign when we announced the retirement of metal models due to our molds reaching the end of their lifecycle, we were eager to explore new materials and possibilities.

As announced last week we are doing a final production run of metal Guild Ball teams before they’ll be retired forever. At the same time, we announced the launch of our new direct to retail program SFG Direct. This exciting program allows us to provide our retail partners with direct access to the legacy guilds in their reimagined sculpts. Currently the Mortician’s Guild: The Master of Puppets and Strings of the Spirit Weaver as well as the Hunter’s Guild: Heralds of the Winer’s Moon and Blessed of the Sun Father are available, and in Q2 of 2019 you’ll be able to pick up the legacy Fisherman’s Guild and Butcher’s Guild in resin, with the Engineer’s Guild coming shortly after.


You may be wondering though, ‘what’s next?’

With the launch of SFG Direct we’re in a position we’ve never really been in during the history of our company: we can work directly with our retail partners to make sure they are getting the exact products they want in a timely fashion to the players who want them. This new opportunity has brought about a big change in the way we can make GB products available, which in turn has made new opportunities possible.


But what does it MEAN?!?

SFG will continually assess the Guild Ball line and support it with the correct material(s) as we see fit – that is either pre-colored resins or pre-assembled PVC. The most important part for us is that our players get a great product, on time and continue the growth of the game globally.

And with that, we’re incredibly excited to announce that pre-orders for the Miners Guild: Dig for Victory will go live Friday February 15th with a street date of Friday March 1st! In this instance the Miner’s Guild models have been produced in our high-quality resin and will be available via the SFG Webstore and SFG Direct (for retailers) only.

The Miner’s Guild: Dig for Victory will also be accompanied by a Miner’s Guild Launch Pack that your Pundit or Local Game Store can order directly from SFG.

Check back today at 4PM GMT for your first Miner’s Guild: Dig for Victory reveal…