Navigator's Guild: Wander | Guild Ball

Ah, we see you've been guided back to us, propelled by a good south wind, to hear the rime of the wandering albatross. Welcome traveller. Last week we looked at Windfinder herself, which you can find here. This week we're looking at the card of Wander, the South Wind, mascot and good luck charm of Windfinder's ship.

[Editor's Note: For the sanity of our writers I shall not be making the Seagull reference...any more]

The Albatross Did Follow


So! Wander is a mascot, as her statline shows quite thoroughly. She has pretty average to low mascot stats, although again TAC 3 and a terrible KICK stat aren't as bad as they look cause of, wait for it, REROLLS! (We swear at some point we'll stop mentioning this, it's just Important that y'all internalise it when looking at these models.)

She does have a good MOV, but as an albatross, she's a touch ungainly on the ground, but can soar far when she takes flight, hence her unusual 5"/10" MOV.

Her Playbook is actually pretty strong, what with all of those REROLLS, and column 2 with a tackle or momentous dodge is very achievable, allowing her to actually get in and grab the ball off someone.

Wander's Character Play is unique, and really awesome. I know we keep saying the Navigators are particularly mobile, and I hope we keep proving that we're not lying! Guide allows a friendly model to make a 4" dodge towards Wander, allowing her to serve either as a pathfinder for the team by flying ahead, or as a guide home, allowing her to pull someone backwards out of danger. This Character Play is awesome, and it really gets across the feel of the model. It's a lovely, lovely touch and we're extremely happy to have captured the soul of the model so well in this rule. It's also REALLY GOOD! Allowing another friendly model to make a 4" dodge out of activation is enormous, and really provides a tonne of options for the Navs, adding hugely to their maneuverability.

Wander has 9 HP, which is about average for a Mascot with DEF 4+ and no ARM.

Way I Remember It, Albatross Was A Ship's Good Luck Til Some Idiot Killed It


Wander has Precise Calculations and Flight, pretty obviously, she's both a Navigator and a bird. Flight and a 10" Sprint is super handy for getting her to the exact position you want for her to use Guide and pull a player to exactly where you want them.

The coolest rule here, and one that's unique, is About Their Necks. If you hadn't already picked up on the theme, this model was very inspired by the Rime of Ancient Mariner (water, water, everywhere/And not a drop to drink, if that rings any bells?). In the poem, the titular mariner shoots an albatross that's the ship's good luck charm, and as a punishment, the crew hang it around his neck. This rule is intended to represent that, and also thematically serve as a 'reverse Loved Creature'. Damage an enemy Wander, and your whole team will suffer –1 TAC for the remainder of the turn. If it's the last activation, sure, maybe you can live with that, but it forces you to think reeeeeaaaaal carefully about attacking the albatross, lest you suffer the ship's bad luck!

Well, there we have it, Wander, a mascot which guides the friendly team around and can bring powerful bad luck down on the enemy team if they harm her. She's really cool, and useful, and we wanna know how you guys can see yourselves using her! Let us know on our social media platforms, and if you want to let Wander guide you to buying the Navigators, you can pre-order them here:

Join us next week as we unveil Azimuth, the Mysterious Gladiator!