The Slayer Shuffle | Godtear

Continuing from last week’s update, we are going to be locking more content for Godtear. First off, we are locking Nia which brings our total number of locked champions to 6.

Nia went through several iterations trying to find a suitable direction that would make her stand out from our cast of champions, and during this process, community feedback helped to shape her current version. Her ability to duplicate boons and blights on the battlefield gives her a unique place amongst the other shapers in Godtear. It’s the combination of unique direction and player feedback that make us confident locking her.

In addition to Nia, we are also going to be locking the Life scenario. Recently we made a small change to the deployment to help promote engagement on the first turn of the game. Based on feedback regarding this change, we have decided to lock Life, bringing us to a total of 5 locked scenarios. Just one more to go!

Many of you will notice that we don’t have a single slayer in our champion lock list. There are a lot of slayers that we feel are very close to being locked but none that are quite ready just yet. In this update, we’ve taken a close look at all of the slayers to tighten up their direction and the balance between them. Some of these changes are small, like Lorsann’s Mystic Arrow becoming range 3 to solidify her direction as the ranged slayer. Others are more substantial.

Rangosh’s Red Bandits received some changes surrounding a new version of their trait. It’s already changed multiple times over the months, but the previous trait had shifted their gameplay into an overly defensive play style, and slayers gotta slay. The new trait still allows them to gain the boon of your choice but only when they deal damage to an enemy model, encouraging them to play more aggressively. To further enhance that aggression, we’ve replaced the little-used Thug Life skill with Ambush, giving them access to Ambush in both phases.

Sneaky Peet and his followers also received some changes. Though Peet hasn’t changed much so far during early access, we’ve had an eye on his unique play style for a while now. Based on recent focused testing, we’ve decided to shift his speed and defensive stats slightly. We have not reduced this slayer’s impressive attack skills but have slightly reduced the extreme difference going first and second has on our sneaky slayer.

This week, in addition to any other feedback you have, please be sure to let us know:

  • With these changes, which slayers do you feel are ready to lock and why?

  • Which slayers do you feel need more testing and why?

  • Which other champions do you feel are ready to lock and why?

  • Which other champions do you feel need more testing and why?

  • If you’ve had chance to test the updated Chaos scenario, do you think this scenario is now ready to be locked?