Pre-Production Miniatures - Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game

The production process of Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game is underway! 

We had the first ever pre-production samples arrive today. These samples are cast in Poly Urethane (PU) and are not the final production colours! PU is a more brittle resin type plastic that allows us to check the quality of the miniatures. This allows us to see if any detail on the miniatures need revisions prior to the miniatures being made in PVC. The Production Team currently have the models going through their amendments and revisions where needed but we at the Community Team have managed to sneak some early previews of the models to show you all (sorry Production Team).


We’ve also had the ‘Whites’ arrive for the Core Set Box, Cards & Boards. These allow the production team to check the quality of these assets before sending them to print and suggest improvements too.


Once Production have completed this very critical stage we will have a better understanding of the final timeline for tooling based on any revisions needed. This stage is critical to ensure the quality of the miniatures that Backers will get and that SFG expect from all our products.

BackerKit closing on Friday 11th May

The BackerKit will be closing on Friday 11th May. This will be your final chance to get your hands on the Kickstarter Exclusives outside of Trade Shows & Conventions that SFG attend. These exclusives include:

  • Retro Pack  
  • Monster Box 1  
  • 3D Doors  
  • 3D Terrain Upgrade  
  • Giant Alligator Expansion  
  • Murder from Above (Praise the Moth)  

You can access your backerkit by clicking: Then enter your email address and a link will be sent to you.

There will be NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING COSTS for adding extra products to your pledge. We are keeping all original pricing from the Kickstarter and passing those savings (compared to MSRP) onto the backers.


Can I change what I have already ordered? Unfortunately, not. All prior orders are locked and have already been planned into production. 

How long will it remain open? We will be closing the BackerKit on the 11th May.

Will this affect the delivery of the product? No - we are happy that any increased volume will not impact on delivery.