Meet the Fisherman's Guild | Guild Ball

The Fisherman’s Guild will be released in coloured resin on 28th June. Available via SFG Webstore and participating retailers.

The Fisherman’s Guild are one of the oldest Guilds in the Empire of the Free Cities. For the longest time they languished in the Minor Leagues but then, seemingly overnight, the Guild’s fortunes changed! Something to do with the nobility developing a taste for seafood and some shady deal with another guild. Now the crowds flock to see them play, and damn, can they play!


If you love the beautiful game and dream of slamming home goals for the win then you’ll find a safe haven with the Fisherman’s Guild. The Fisherman’s playstyle is all about movement and raw goal-scoring potential. They’re dominant in the early game and can very quickly steal one or two goals, putting extreme pressure on their opponent. Finding the third goal is the true mark of a proficient Fisherman’s Guild Coach, as your opponent will do all in their power to stop you from gaining possession of the ball. But then, you have a few tricks to help you do that...

Shark (left), Yukai (centre) and Corsair (right)

Shark (left), Yukai (centre) and Corsair (right)


The three Captains available for the Fisherman’s Guild provide a variety of playstyles to ensure you’ve always got an answer to the problems before you. Shark is the superstar striker - it’s very likely that he can personally score all three goals you need to win a game. Corsair gives you safe hands at the helm - the brawling privateer exerts his control over a large area of the pitch. Yukai lends a calm hand to the team - they contribute less personally to the game plan, but can push their teammates to new levels of excellence.

Salt (front) and Tentacles (back)

Salt (front) and Tentacles (back)


Your mascot choices as a Fisherman’s Guild coach allow you to lean into either a goal scoring or control playstyle. Fan favourite Salt gives you a fast goal threat and ball recovery tool while Tentacles gives you a safe place to hold the ball, giving your players time to get into position. Many have tried taking the ball away from those appendages, few have succeeded, and those that have got a faceful of ink for their troubles!

The Fisherman’s Guild is a diverse lineup that is sure to suit any coach after a fast paced, high tempo game. You can find out more about the Fisherman’s Guild Players, and their allied players from the Navigator’s Guild, by downloading their Player Cards for free here.

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This project was undertaken by Ritch ‘Beardminis’ Keeling and a team of volunteers. We’d like to give a huge thanks to Ritch and everybody who has helped bring this audio reading to life.