#CrittersPaint | Critical Role

Bidet Critters,

Firstly, we hope you all had a great festive season and in the humdrum of the holidays you may have missed that Calianna is now available to add to your collection.


There is going to be a small break between now and the next Vault miniature vote going live, so we want to take some time to celebrate some more of the amazing work from the community. It’s been fantastic to sit and scroll through all your amazing hobby progress through the Holidays!

When Can I Get Kashaw?


Kashaw will be available to order from January 21st - February 11th and will begin shipping on February 18th OR you can get him early at the Las Vegas Open (February 8th-10th).

When Can I Get Orly?


Orly will be available to pre-order from February 28th – March 18th and will begin shipping on April 1st OR you can get him early at Emerald City Comic Con (March 16-17th).