A Cut Above the Rest: A New Union Captain Arrives!

After much speculation, we are excited to announce today that the newest Union Captain is none other than… Brisket! She is the first Guild Ball model to have a third version of her rules, and not only did Brisket switch from playing for the Butchers to playing for the Union, but she also became a team Captain, thanks to the outcome of the Butcher’s Civil War, a community campaign we ran earlier this year. 

 (If you want to know all the juicy details behind Brisket’s story, you should talk to your local game store about pre-ordering Guild Ball Season 3. The book releases April 21 and will reveal how Brisket came to be aligned with the Solthecian church, how Ox returned to a spot on the Butchers team roster, and much more!)

Now exiled from her Guild, Brisket is the newest captain for the Union, and she’s taking her impressive goal-scoring talents to all-new heights. What else has changed with her new team? Let’s take a quick glance at her Model Type box. 

It includes the standard player information like nationality and the position she plays, but it includes a couple of new type identifiers as well. Brisket is the first-ever “Seasoned” model, the third incarnation of a Guild Ball character. She’s also a “Solthecian” model—a trait that Mist, another Union player, will appreciate. Why? Because Mist has the Motivated [Solthecian] ability, which lets him dodge 2” whenever he starts his activation near a model aligned with the Solthecian church. So before we even get past her Model Type box, Brisket is already helping Mist, a top-notch striker, to score more goals. As a captain, however, Brisket’s own goal-scoring capability is even more impressive than the infamous Mist’s! 
You want to learn more about her scoring potential? Let’s break it down by looking at how coaches can use her in three key gameplay situations: when a teammate has the ball, when an opponent has the ball, and when Brisket has the ball.

1. A Union Teammate Has the Ball

It’s important in Guild Ball to keep the ball moving. Due to Guild Ball’s alternating activation system (you go, I go, you go), if a player moves the ball up the pitch a bit, and holds onto it, quite a few turns can pass before her or she gets a chance to do something! It’s far better to pass the ball from player to player to take advantage of Teamwork momentous actions. And, ultimately, to get that ball in the goal. 

Brisket’s I’m Open! character play is an excellent way keep the ball moving outside of a model’s own activation. She can use I’m Open! to have a teammate who’s up to 6” away pass her the ball. She can then use the Pass’n’Move teamwork action to dodge 4”. Including Brisket’s base size, that’s up to ~11” the ball has moved before Brisket even advances!

2. An Opposing Model Has the Ball

Scoring goals in Guild Ball would be so much easier if it weren’t for that pesky other team on the pitch! They’re always looking to steal the ball away, stay out of reach or even escape your grasp with abilities like Unpredictable Movement. Well, captain Brisket’s Route One character-play means she can Jog straight towards the enemy ball-carrier and take the ball. Brisket’s got a 6” Jog, so that’s a 6” advance before or after she uses her standard-advance for the turn. With a Tackle on column 2 that provides momentum and a 1” Dodge, Brisket can take the ball, get out of reach, and be ready to shoot a goal.

3. Brisket Has the Ball

And what an excellent shot this new Union Captain is! Her [3/8”] KICK stat is already solid, but, thanks to Scores for Fun, her odds of successfully scoring a goal are even higher than usual, especially if she uses Bonus Time for an extra die . And if she gets close enough for a Tap In shot, that’s a guaranteed goal unless every die comes up a 1.

As if that’s not enough, With Aplomb can allow Brisket’s goals to net her team an additional VP, Goal of the Month makes it far easier for her to generate bonus momentum from a Screamer!, and Unpredictable Movement makes it difficult for enemies to lock Brisket down.

Threat Range Madness

For many strikers, it’s easy to determine when they’re in scoring position and when they’re not. But Brisket is no ordinary striker. Unless she’s in the corner of the pitch somewhere, Brisket is probably in scoring position! She can get a pass and a 4” dodge when an ally has the ball, a bonus 6” jog when an enemy has the ball, and she’s got a 2” dodge playbook result on column 2. Once per game, she can also trigger her Worthy Sacrifice legendary play. Don’t let the name fool you. While Worthy Sacrifice can certainly be used to pull a teammate’s chestnuts out of the fire, it also lets Brisket teleport up to ~8” to the far side of a 30mm base or ~8.5” to the far side of a 40mm base. A teammate over a foot away could have the ball, and Brisket could Worthy Sacrifice to an intermediate ally, call for the pass, Pass’n’Move for 4”, and then make her actual advance for the turn, augmenting that with 2” dodge playbook results as needed!

Brisket is an impressive new option for Union coaches, and her movement shenanigans and goal-scoring antics are certain to lead to plenty of “Wow” moments on pitches everywhere.

So, let us know what you think of Seasoned Brisket, the new Union Captain! What other Union members do you think will compliment her? Tell us about the crazy strategies you’re already scheming up! We want to hear your thoughts on our Facebook, Twitter and in the official forum thread about Brisket, where you can discuss all things Guild Ball and make plans to lead your Guild to glory on the pitch!