[Edit: Address for Showcase Comics and Games's Regional Qualifier has been updated. 1.28.17]

Coaches of Guild Ball, today is a most glorious day! Last week, the applications for the AdeptiCon’s Regional Qualifiers closed, and after great deliberation, we have found our eight community all-stars. Enough fanfare!  It’s time to meet your eight official Qualifiers for AdeptiCon’s Regional Championship:

These elite events will let us celebrate the Greats of Guild Ball and witness the glory of the pitch en masse! Hurry, now. Get to planning, start packing, gas up those cars, and hit the road! Well, hold up. You’d be foolishly early if you left now. Instead of creeping our event organizers out with a super early arrival, you should check out their Facebook pages and websites and let them know how excited you are. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook so you don’t miss your chance to register!

Now, if you’re late to the party and have no idea what all the fuss is about “Regional Qualifiers,” you should take a moment to read this older post.  

And now you’re likely wondering, “But what about the other Qualifiers? Why are you withholding this vital information, Steamforged Blog. Why do you only write to torture us?” Well, maybe you should start being nicer to Marbles on the forums. He’s just a monkey! #MarblesAppreciationDay.

But monkey tears aside, today is the last day we’re taking applications for the other Regional Qualifiers, so we still have more applications to review! We’ll have an official announcement about the other Regional Qualifiers in the coming weeks. And to all the coaches who are headed off to CaptainCon or the Las Vegas Open next week, best of luck on the pitch!

If you want to coordinate travel plans or talk more about the news, or just take a moment to appreciate Marbles and all he’s done for monkeykind, feel free to post here in the official AdeptiCon Regional Qualifiers thread