Alchemist’s Guild: The New Age of Science

“This woman isn’t like Midas, or what we have known before. She is a true scientific breakthrough, not some loon trying to prove the impossible” — Calculus, Alchemist’s Guild

Master of alchemical destruction, Smoke controls the field by directing corrosive and fiery blasts around to manipulate the opposition's game-plan. She has the perfect formula to devastate the opposition, all the while refining her own team's chemistry. 
Truly terrifying to encounter on the field, these alchemists will cripple their opposition’s health and momentum with poison and fire, while augmenting their own powerful abilities. Experienced coaches will relish the chance to unlock the mysteries of this amazingly versatile team.
The cutting edge of scientific advancement, this set includes: a metal ball, 6 player cards, bases, and 6 metal models: Smoke, Naja, Veteran Katalyst, Venin, Compound, Crucible.


  • Coaches that want a team specialized in traps and damage over time will love the Alchemist’s. 
  • Smoke is able to boost her team’s abilities while damaging the opposition.
  • Whether you are new to Guild Ball or just looking to pick up a new Guild, this set is the best way to get started with this unorthodox, unpredictable team.

Alchemist’s Guild: The New Age of Science is available to purchase from September 15th.