And the winner is... | Critical Role

Bidet, Critters!

When we announced our Winged Vax’ildan for Gen Con, we promised that it would only be the beginning, and there are indeed many more of your favorite characters in miniature versions on the horizon. For the past month, Critters the world over have been voting for which character to bring to life in miniature form nest: Vanessa, Lyra, or Thorbir.

The votes have been counted. Double counted. Passed over to John in accounting to check the counting was done correctly. Checked again, and the winner is….

Vanessa Cyndrial!

With over 10,000 votes, Vanessa came out victorious with 42% of the vote, whilst Throbir & Lyra can take solace in a joint second place with 29% of the vote each. So when will you be able to get your hands on your own Vanessa? Soon. Once we’ve wrapped up production and delivery of Kiri Vanessa will be hitting the Vault for pre-order, and be sure to stay tuned for the next community vote starting next week!

"Don't eat humans, okay?"

Are you ready to give this adorable orphan a loving home? We’re fast approaching the cut-off date of October 28th, for the Limited Edition Kiri so make sure you don’t miss out!