Angel, The Seas Beauty


“She’s a real sweet lass that one. Pretty little thing, all doe eyed and nervous grins. Hasn’t been around very long and gets on with everyone already. I reckon half the team has a soft spot for her, as well as the people that come to see us every week. Yessir, she fits right in like a fish in the sea. You’d think a kid like that is too innocent for a violent, brutal and downright vicious game like this one eh? P’haps.

I’ve seen enough players to know when someone special comes along though, and Angel? You mark my words lad, she’s going to be the biggest star in the history of the game one day. You can forget your Shanks and Boars, all those Meatheads that are only muscle; won’t even remember the real creative ones like Honour or Spigot either. Hells, people will even think her name before they mention ol’ Greyscales. Never going to be able to say Fisherman’s Guild without her name in there somewhere.

Yeah, I know, big talk for a rook still wet behind the ears. But I gots me a feelin’ about this one. A real good feelin’. Helps she’s already this season’s top scorer, don’t it? You watch boy, that won’t change for a long time; no matter how much Harmony pouts, or the Butchers beat up so many people, or ol’ Brisket gets another hat trick. Yep, this girl comes in and in less than a season already puts her mark on the map. I hear from the ol’ crow’s nest that other guilds have put out a bounty on her head already. But don’t you worry none boy, we ain’t about to let her get wasted any time soon. If you’re going to learn one thing about this guild, it’s that we look after each other around here, not like those Spooks or Meatheads.

Oh, so you want to know more about her now eh? He, I can see that look in your eye young blood, I can tell what you want to know. Word to the wise there, she won’t be interested in you. She’s got her eye on a much bigger, more impressive catch, a predator himself. I don’t think he cares for it, but if she does net him one day then that’s a haul you won’t want to throw down with.

So, you’d be advised just leave her to get on with what she does best, and that’s winning us games.” - Greyscales, Fisherman’s Guild Vice Captain

Angel is available to pre-order now as part of The Changing Tide