Black Friday Price List & Veteran Decimate

  • Black Friday Mega Bundle: £115/€147/$160US
  • Dark Souls™ - The Card Game Pre-Order: £30/€35/$40US
  • Resident Evil™ - The Board Game Late Pledge: £70/€80/$100US
  • Dark Souls™ - The Board Game: £80/€96/$96US
  • Kick Off! with Lucky Model: £40/€52/$60US
  • Proving Grounds Mat & Masons's and Brewer's Terrain Pack: £52/€65/$68US
  • Blacksmith's Guild: Forged From Steel: £35/€50/$45US
  • Farmer's Guild: The Honest Land: £35/€50/$45US
  • SteamCon Swag Box:  £35/€45/$50US
  • Shadow Games with Alt Cards:  £14/€17/$20US
  • A Yuletide Hearth: £25/€30/$35US
  • Fractured Loylaties:  £20/€28/$30US

Union in Chains - Nobility Reborn


The Brewer's Guild were able to secure Veteran Decimate into their line-up following the Solthecian Church's influence over The Union. Will she join Tapper or Esters? Find out in the story below: