BREAKING NEWS! Trash Panda: Metropolis Demos at GenCon

GenCon 50 Attendees! I hope you saved a slot for some fun!

They're hungry, and you're the food! Do you have what it takes to escape a city overrun? To survive the horrors of a megacorporation gone rogue? Be one of the first to experience a top-secret project from Steamforged Games, the creators of Dark Souls: The Board Game and Guild Ball. A trained company operative will guide you and a friend through this terrifying demo.

Couldn’t get in to a Dark Souls playthrough? Due to the popularity of our Dark Souls events we've decided to give you a sneak preview into a super-secret project! Hope you brought an umbrella, because it’s raining events! That’s right, you have the chance to be one of the first to try out an amazing new game before anyone else. Tickets are sure to sell out fast though so hurry and sign up now!

BE WARNED: Event name and description is subject to mutation...