British National Championship - Challenge Coin


With the British Championships marching ever a closer, taking place mere weeks away, on August 12 and 13 at the Element Games North West Gaming Centre (as we spoke about here) we thought it was about time to reveal a little more of the contents of the goodie bag that will be available at the championship event.

Earlier this month, we hinted that every attendee will receive a goodie bag when they register.  One of the contents being a 50mm goal token.  Without any further ado, shown below is the National Championship coin!

Adorned and decorated in the Guild Ball wreath on the reverse side, the front proudly displays the coin as part of the National Championship circuit.  It also comes with the year laser-engraved on the front as well, confirming to all comers that their opponent competed in one of the most prestigious events in Guild Ball. And due to the laser engraving, we’ll be able to produce these coins, as mementos, in future years for all National Championship competitors.

Want it? OF COURSE YOU DO!  Start your collection of National Championship coins! Tickets for an excellent weekend of Guild Ball, whether you’re after games amongst and against friends, or have set your sights on the top table, are available here