British National Championship - Tickets on Sale Now!

The Guild Ball British National Championship will be taking place at the Element Games: North West Gaming Centre on 12-13th August and will cost £25 per ticket. TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE HERE.

The National Championship is the perfect place to test your mettle against the best of Britain and compete to be the British Champion. Earning your spot in the World Championship of Guild Ball 2017, hosted at SteamCon USA.

Yes. That means that the winner will be awarded a ticket to SteamCon USA, including travel & accommodation paid for by Steamforged Games. This is the ultimate prize! But that’s not all! The winner of the event will ALSO receive the Blacksmith’s Guild and the coveted Blackheart Trophy, whilst second and third place will recieve a copy of the Farmers Guild - The Honest Land.

This will also be the first time that the National Event Influence Tokens will be available in the UK for those who place in first, second and third, and for the attendee who is deemed to have the Best Painted Guild, and the Best Painted Goal.

The National Championship will be attended by many of the Steamforged Team, so if you’ve got any burning questions like “which character is going to die next?” then Sherwin will be on hand to kill your favourite player. Team Stream (Jamie, Alex and Ronan) will be there to give commentary on the top table games via and the videos will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel shortly after. Members of the development team will be on hand to help judge the event and chat about all things Guild Ball. We can’t wait to meet you all again ahead of SteamCon.

I’ve never been to a tournament before…

No matter your skill level, a National Championship is a rare opportunity, with Guilds on display in all manner of paint schemes, the buzz of the wargaming atmosphere, the chance to play against multiple different opponents, and the chance to meet like-minded gamers! What more could you want? Buy your ticket today and make this your maiden tournament!