Cage Ball - Alternate Format

Welcome back sports fans!  

Last week we shared our Work in Progress rules for Pitch Formations, and it’s been truly fantastic to see the community take these rules to heart and really run with them. The feedback we’ve been getting over the last week has been great, and we really thank everyone who has been chatting online, and getting games in with this format.  

Given that the Pitch Formations have gone down a storm, we’re going to be looking at releasing the WiP versions of formats like this more often in future. With that in mind, this week we have another alt format available for you to get your mitts on!  

Formats Galore 

Something we’re really keen to do here at SFG is provide new and exciting ways of playing Guild Ball, and specifically, provide ways of playing that are handier for those coaches who need to get in games in a hurry. Not all of us, alas, have time to set aside for a full game, and so we really want to provide alternate options for those people.

Cage Ball is a format we’ve been testing internally for a while, and we think it’s really fun. It approaches the task from a different angle; by reducing the amount of models on the Pitch, and indeed, the size of the Pitch itself! Perfect for those lunchtime grudge matches.

Four Players Good, Two Players Bad  

Teams constructed under the Cage Ball ruleset consist of: 1 Captain, 1 Mascot, and 2 Team Members. Cage Ball games take place on a 3’x2’ Pitch, but otherwise follow all the normal Guild Ball deployment and team selection rules.  

Finally, games under this format are played to a 10 VP win condition.  

The goal with this format is to provide a way of playing which gets the feel and soul of the game across, in a smaller, faster, more accessible way. Cage Ball games are just as bloody and brutal, as games with a full 6 player lineup, but we’ve found they’re significantly faster and have a very different dynamic to full games. 

We’d encourage any coaches who want to try out this format to give it a go, and let us know what you think! Just like last week, we’ll be setting up another thread in our forums for feedback.  

Happy Guild Balling!