Calculus, Maiden of Science


Initially, it always irked Calculus to see Midas not wearing his apron in the laboratory, yet another way for their tiresome captain to lord his status over the rest of the team.

As time went on however, Calculus saw that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Her current considered observation was that Midas was uninterested in what anyone in either his team or the guild at large thought of him. His lack of apron instead was likely the product of a reckless mind and only a casual relationship with proper safety protocol. That was all.

She was likely to have been appointed team captain until the arrival of Midas. But then, Calculus was a woman dedicated to demonstrating to the world the power and benefit of what alchemy might bring. A petty role within her guild such as Team Captain meant little to her in the grand scheme of the universe. She could serve the guild just as well in her role as Vice-Captain. Concepts such as pride or self interest were beneath the enlightened.

Mercury was leaning casually against the wall, looking over the multitude of vials, flasks, phials and the bubbling concoctions therein that made up her experiments. His raised eyebrow suggested amusement somehow. He flashed her a roguish grin, his lips curling underneath his moustache. It was an oddly charming yet predatory gesture. Dismissed as an attention seeking womaniser by most, for all there was clearly some truth to the rumours, Calculus was sure that there was far more to Mercury than hedonistic indulgence.

Her mind contemplated the others in their cabal. The headstrong Katalyst and poor bitter Vitriol, always so quick to fly at each other’s throats. A difference in philosophy and nothing more, however tiresome. One progressive, the other regressive. Simple therefore that they could never see eye to eye. At least they kept it away from the pitch. Necessarily volatile base chemicals in the compound that was the Alchemist’s Guild team. No one would honestly deny the logic of their inclusion. Both brought too potent an element to ignore.

Calculus liked to make measured observations. That was what science was. Measured, considered and reproducible results. The ascension of mankind’s thinking beyond superstition by method of empirical data. To her, that was what a Guild Ball team could be understood by also. A game by extension was a further mixing of two solutions to create further amalgamation. And it was her task to ensure that the mixture produced the desired results.

Calculus is available to pre-order as part of The Alchemist’s Guild: The Lure of Gold