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Hi Folks,

We currently receive many customer enquiries every week here at SFG HQ. Ranging from lovely words of support, questions about release dates, and queries about missing or broken parts.

Our Customer Support Team work very hard to respond to all your enquiries in a timely and effective manner. Since the lead up to the 2018 Holiday Season, we have struggled to keep up with the sheer number of emails, as the number of enquiries has rapidly grown! As a result, we recognise that we’ve not got back to all of you as promptly as we would hope to, with many of you still waiting long periods to receive any acknowledgement from us at all...which we don’t think is an example of good customer care and isn’t a service we feel proud or satisfied of giving you.

We want to take accountability for this and apologise for letting you down. We’re truly sorry for the long wait times, and lack of prompt resolution. We want to make a meaningful change and provide a consistently prompt & friendly response with a focus on finding a positive resolution for you.

So, we are currently beavering away behind the scenes, taking a hard look at changes we can implement to our systems to support us achieve this. We are starting to make some changes, and the first one we wanted to share with you, will be going live in just one week’s time!

As of Monday 11th February, we will request that all inquiries to customer support will be submitted by completing a form via our website. You will be able to upload photographs or supporting evidence, essential for damaged/ faulty or missing parts. You will be requested to send relevant order numbers and your postal address, which will help us ensure we have the correct records when locating missing orders etc.

Our aim is to make the way you get in touch with us more efficient. You provide all the information we require in one hit when you first reach out to us. Then we are more likely to be able to resolve your issue straight away. Thus, eliminating frustrating wait periods or back and forth emails. We will continue to look for ways we can improve and enhance your experience with us and welcome any feedback you have that can help us to improve further.

During the week leading up to the new system being implemented we will still be responding to tickets as normal via the email. Once the new system launches next Monday any outstanding tickets will receive an email containing a link to the new form which we’d request you fill out and submit. From this point forward, all customer service enquiries will be handled via the new form system.

We understand those that may be frustrated from having not received a resolution from an enquiry that was sent in upwards of a month ago having to resubmit a query. We hear you, but a consistent level of information is the only way we can ensure a higher standard of support can be achieved, and outstanding tickets from the current system simply don’t provide what is required. We truly feel that we need to start from the ground up to ensure a consistent level of customer care can be met.

Thank you so, so much for all the support you’ve shown us so far. We really appreciate how kind, patient and understanding you have been during this growth period. We are grateful to everyone who has shared their thoughts and experiences with us honestly and directly, and by doing so, helped shape how we deliver our service moving forward.

Hopefully when you do need to get in touch with us, we want to make that experience as easy as we can.

All our best,

Steamforged Support Team

Unable to Post Kickstarter Updates | SFG

Unable to Post Kickstarter Updates | SFG

There is currently a bug on the Kickstarter website preventing updates from being published. We can load them in, save and preview them… but the publish button has vanished. We’ve contacted Kickstarter regarding the issue but based on queries to their social media accounts it’s a wide spread problem.