Charmed, FAQ Cleanup, OPD, and Boar | Guild Ball

Hello everyone, we’re back from rainy Manchester (we’re writing this in advance, but we’re just assuming it’s raining today) with another pre-errata look at some of the changes we’re making tomorrow. Yesterday we covered the changes that are happening to the Cook’s Guild on Monday, if you missed that blog, you can find it here.

Today we’re going to be covering some of the global changes that are happening with Guild Ball from tomorrow. So let’s dive in! 

Organised Play 

Going into this errata, one thing we wanted to do was generally bring up Union as a Guild. Many of their models haven’t been notably updated since Season 1, and they were starting to show their age. However, while developing this errata, we ended up running into points where certain Union models were beginning to show up too much in other Guilds. This was starting to become a genuine balance problem for us, since we wanted to get the Union in a good place internally, without having to take into account their interactions within other Guilds.  

Given the backstory of the Union, and that they’ve effectively now been disbanded, as well as balance concerns, we believed that the best thing moving forward was to remove Union choices from other Guilds in organised play entirely. This rule will go into the Regional Cup document and will take effect from tomorrow. And yes, this does mean we’ve had a general pass over the Union and if you want to find out what those changes look like, check back in tomorrow! 

FAQ Changes

This section is the most boring (for anyone that isn’t a rules lawyer!), and involves several tweaks to model rules to make them work as intended. Effectively, these are just a few wording corrections and FAQ updates. 


Vitriol - Clone 
Clone was worded poorly going into Season 4. This update makes it match the Resilience wording. 

Corker - Legless Drunk 
Legless Drunk should have always said ‘except while making an advance’, this update puts the changes from the last FAQ onto the card. 

Veteran Chisel - Adaptive Strategy 
This rule is correctly referred to as a pulse in the text, but was listed as an aura in the title. This is just a quick correction to remove any confusion. 


The Charmed rule is very thematic, but it has never quite sat right with several members of the Development Team. It’s also gotten harder to balance as the gender split in the game has gotten more equal, and models often either end up being slightly too tough or slightly too squishy, based on nothing the players using them can control. More generally, however, representing model sexuality and gender like this is something we’ve grown very uncomfortable with. Guild Ball features characters that are male, female, cis, trans, non-binary, straight, gay, lesbian,  bisexual, and asexual, and attempting to represent that broad spread of diversity in hard rules language doesn’t feel right in a miniature football game. Sexuality and gender identity are things which don’t have any impact on your ability to play football, or indeed your ability to do anything at all. As a result, we made the decision to remove Charmed entirely from the game and replace this rule with appropriate different buffs based on the guilds and models affected. There’s also a small additional spoiler for tomorrow’s update on these cards if you look closely enough!

(Just before we get into it, the one model that this isn’t true for was Harrow with Charmed [Animal], since in that instance it just represented that he’s a gentle soul who gets on well with animals. However, for cleanliness sake, we felt it was better to just remove it everywhere)

The changes are: 

  • Brisket: Gained +1 HP. 

  • Harrow: Gained +1 DEF, lost 2 HP. 

  • Tater: Gained +2 HP.

  • Siren: Gained +1 DEF. 

  • Flint: Gained +1 DEF

  • Snakeskin: Gained +1 DEF.

One More Thing…

Weeeeeellll we know we said today’s post was just going to cover global changes to the game. But yanno, you’ve been such good people and read this far, so let’s give you another little tasty change. And it’s a model that we’ve seen a lot of, ahem, heated discussion (also memes) about over the last few months. 

GB-S4-Butchers-BoarV (1).png

Veteran Boar has been something of a bugbear for the last few months since he was released. He’s proven to be just a little too easy to get excellent results out of. As a result, in this pass we’ve lowered his influence generation to 3, and his MOV to 4”/6”, just to make players have to work a little harder to get the most out of him. We’ve also tweaked his playbook so that triggering his character plays causes no or much less damage, forcing more decisions on the Boar player. Finally, his health has come down by two hit points, just to make him a bit easier to actually take down.  

Happy Guild Balling, enjoy your Sunday, and we’ll be back tomorrow with the rest of this mammoth update! 

An Aperitif to the Errata | Cook's Guild | Guild Ball

Hey there Guild Ball fans! Hope you’re having a nice Saturday afternoon. Last week we announced the next Guild Ball errata would drop on August 12th, but we’re just so excited we thought we’d cook up a little bit of a preview for you! As such, in this blog we’re going to be covering the changes to the Cook’s Guild that will be happening on Monday! 

The Cook’s Guild, as became apparent fairly quickly when they were released, were playtested in Season 3. As a result, some of their numbers and effects were distinctly balanced for a Season 3 world, and with the generally more powerful abilities in Season 4, they felt below the curve. The changes below have adapted the Guild to a Season 4 world, without impacting their core design of being glass cannons. Basically, their damage is now high enough to match their squishiness! 

Wellington now feels like a captain of a damage based Guild. Firstly, he’s gained +1 HP to make him just a tiny touch less fragile, and Scathing Rebuke no longer damages friendly models. In addition we’ve reworked Chef’s Special to increase the range and allow it to affect character plays (Intensify is scary now), in order to make the Cook’s life a little easier. We’ve also removed the 2 damage push/dodge from the top end of his playbook and replaced it with a 4 damage result in order to let him hit that bit harder. 

Pepper has received a buff in the form of Feral, which allows him to make a free attack each turn. This allows him to bring free damage to the table, especially with Chef’s Special and Intimidation. We lowered his maximum INF cap in order to compensate. 

Sugar has seen a bit of a rework. We’ve increased her KICK stat and lowered the benefit from Icing on the Cake in order to make her life a little bit easier. She’s still terrifying at Snap Shots, but she can also score goals easier in her own activation. We’ve removed Is Something Burning?, since we needed space on her card for Chef’s Special. This is to reduce the Guild’s need for Wellington as a damage buff, and allows them to still put out very good damage even if Wellington gets taken out. Fire Blast has also been replaced with Chilli Cook Out, a higher damage/lower range version.

Finally, she’s gained +1 HP to reflect her position as one of the slightly tankier models in the Guild. 

Ohhh Spice. She is spicy indeed now. As the Guild’s key damage dealer, we’ve increased her damage output considerably in this errata. Her playbook is exceptional now, with extremely strong damage options across the board. In addition we replaced Get Over Here! with Assist [Pepper], meaning that while positioning the little weasel is more difficult, if you do get him into position, Spice murders the world. She maintains the same weaknesses as before, however, she’s very fragile. She’ll fall over in a stiff breeze, but if she gets to attack she’ll ruin someone else’s day first. 

Hopefully you can see the Cooks have had a pretty major recipe change, giving them more options, better damage output, and really making them a terrifying opposition to see on the other side of the pitch! 

We’ll be back tomorrow with another look at some more of the changes taking place in this errata. ‘Til then, enjoy your weekend all!

These cards will be updated in “Resources” on Monday 12th August.