Coaches Wanted for Glorious Journey

Guild Ball is a sport for the masses, where glory is won and lost with the kick of a ball. Each season, new coaches emerge and forge their path to greatness. Compelled by the call of the pitch and the promise of glory, one of these coaches will earn the title of World Champion. Whoever you are, know this: your journey begins today. Are you ready?

We have big news today for our Guild Ball community: your journey to glory, fame, and amazing prizes begins now with the 2017 North American Guild Ball™ Regional Championships!

In response to the rapid growth of the North American Guild Ball community, we’re proud to introduce a new regional system for 2017. This new tournament system will help us bring the vast communities of Guild Ball coaches together to celebrate the Guild Ball legends who walk among us!

This new system is made up of a series of tournaments that let the winners of each region face off on the pitch to put their skills to the test! Here’s what the path to the title of Guild Ball World Champion looks like for 2017:

As you can see, your competitive journey to a Regional Championship starts at your local game store with a Regional Qualifier. Winning one of these events will guarantee you a place in a Regional Championship.

To get one step closer to the World Championship, you next need to win a Regional Championship, which would give you automatic entry to the North American Championship. The final step toward international acclaim and prestige is the World Championship. Once we have confirmed the locations and dates for the North American Championship and the World Championship, we will release more details! (These championships are likely to be held at either SteamCon USA and/or SteamCon UK.)

There are six Regional Championships scheduled throughout the year at various North American gaming conventions, giving you plenty of chances to compete!

They are:

*Las Vegas Open February 3–5

AdeptiCon March 23–26

Southern Ontario Open  May 5–7

MOM Con May 26–28

**Wargames Con Aug 18-20

NOVA Open August 31 – September 3


Each Regional Qualifier and Regional Championship will be stocked full of awesome and exclusive prizes. To top it off, the winner of each Regional Championship will receive free entry to SteamCon USA and automatic entry to the North American Championship Finals. Specific prize details will be announced as we get closer to each event.


We’re currently looking for them! Applications opened today, so if you think your local game store would be a perfect fit, please encourage them to apply at If you or someone in your community is running a local event or convention, you are also welcome to apply. (No game clubs will be considered for these events due to the resources needed to accommodate each qualifier! If you have an active club, we recommend coordinating with a local game store.)


The Canadian National Championship will take place at Attack-X in British Columbia in September. More details on that event will come in future blogs.

We know these are exciting changes, so we’d like to emphasize that as we continue to grow, we will do our very best to adjust and develop our Organised Play experience to meet the needs of our community. Join us on our forums to discuss the new Regional Qualifiers for 2017 and ask any questions.

*Las Vegas Open is the only Regional Championship for 2017 that will not have store-level qualifiers. Entry to the LVO Regional Championship will be determined during their Friday events, based on the results of a 32-Player tournament. To learn more about LVO, read our LVO FAQ.

Regional qualifier dates and locations are subject to change pending any updates.

[Edited 12/21/16: Corrected MOM Con dates.]

[Edited 3/22/17: Changed Texas Games Con to Wargames Con]