Cosset, Impure Innocence


“Yeah, yeah, I know. I tell you to be careful of all of the women in this game. Pah, sexist, old fashioned, whatever you want to call me. But if you know what’s good for you young blood, even if you don’t listen to what I say about anyone else, you’ll know enough to listen now. Avoid Cosset.

Oh yeah, you heard me right. She smiled at you once? Lucky you. Looks cute, sweet, innocent maybe? Forget looks. You’re wondering how a seemingly fragile looking little lamb wound up hanging with the Spooks? Truth is, she’s stone cold, bat shit crazy.

Downright vicious too. I’ve seen her claw a man’s eyes out, shrieking like a banshee the entire time. Gives me shudders just remembering it. He’s lay screaming, red gory empty sockets where his eyes used to be. Blood all over the place. She’s just sitting, licking it off her fingers, next to him crying and sobbing. And then she smiled at the apothecaries when they ran on to try to try and take him off, blew the poor bastard a kiss.

You don’t believe me? Well, ask yourself this young blood. Why else is she on the Mortician’s roster, of all teams? The Spooks only take the morbid ones, those that don’t fit in nowhere else, and believe me, she definitely won’t fit in somewhere else. No-one else would want something like that on the squad. Even the Mortician’s have been known to give her a wide berth. At least some mean bastard like Boar is predictable. He’s going to smash you into pieces if you get too close, all belligerent muscle, but he’s not going to strike out at one of his own unless they get in his way.

Now, Cosset? Once, I saw her just stand there and watch a rook like you run straight past her with the ball, no tackle, nothing; then she’s gone after her own mascot and ripped the thing to pieces in front of everyone, cackling away at her own joke. Totally unpredictable, irrational. They might be the only ones that will take her, but why the Spooks keep her around is a mystery to everyone. Can’t be easy to build any sort of game plan around something like that. Show her the playbook, and I’ll give you good odds she’ll either eat it or start drawing pictures in it as much as read it.

I don’t even want to waste any more time on that one, thinking about her too long gives me chills. One wrong look and next thing you know, she’s flipped and only the gods know what she’s going to do next.” - Greyscales, Fisherman’s Guild Vice Captain

Cosset is available to order as part of the Master of Puppets – releasedJuly 21st