Devana - Surely that's fowl play??


Last week we revealed Minerva, a Falconer’s Guild player specialising in melee support for the rest of her team as well as the Hunter’s Guild. If you missed last week’s blog you can find it HERE. Today we have a big reveal, the captain of the Falconer’s Guild, the Daughter of Falcons, Devana.

I Like Big Birds and I Cannot Lie


Devana may look a little unassuming at first, but she has a few tricks up her sleeve. Statistically she is fairly average, with a decent MOV, TAC, KICK, DEF, and ARM. A maximum cap of 5 influence is on the low end for a captain, but the reasons for that will become clear later on. Devana’s playbook tends to favour momentous damage which indicates that, along with her team, she tends to favour aiming for take outs rather than scoring goals.

Moving on to Devana’s character plays, we have a bit of a toolbox of options. In our previous blogs we have already seen the power of the Harrier character play and that part of the skill in playing with the Falconer’s Guild will be knowing where and when to place those Harrier AOEs. Devana mixes things up even more by being able to move friendly Harrier AOEs to a new location. Being able to reposition Harriers is fantastic for ensuring that the Falconers can get the maximum benefit from each one. For example, if an enemy model that was within a Harrier AOE moves out of it, Devana can position the Harrier AOE so that the enemy model is once again within it.


Devana’s second character play, Hack Back [Frelsi] can only target the Falconers’ mascot, allowing the great eagle to make a dodge move. I’m going to interrupt our normal order of operations (don’t panic, we’ll be fine!) and skip to the back of Devana’s card for a moment to say that she also has the character trait Assist [Frelsi]. The combination of Hack Back and Assist allows Devana to have incredibly punishing melee attacks, since she is capable of using Frelsi as a mobile damage buff by positioning Frelsi in melee with targets that Devana wants to attack. And that’s not even counting any Harrier AOEs that may be on the pitch!

Devana’s third character play, Air Mail, completes Devana’s toolbox of abilities. Air Mail is like a 14” pass of the ball that does not require a successful kick, which is just incredible! Fantastically useful for if a Falconer has become isolated up in the opponent’s half of the pitch and Devana has managed to gain possession of the ball, she can punt it right up the pitch ready for a goal later in the turn. It’s worth pointing out that since Air Mail is not a pass, it therefore doesn’t generate any momentum and can’t trigger any teamwork actions like pass’n’move or a snap shot. In clutch situations, this can combo quite well with Hack Back by having Frelsi move away from danger or towards the enemy goal before Devana Air Mails the ball to the eagle.

Last but not least, Devana has 16 health points, which is fairly standard for a captain with DEF 4+.

What Is the First Rule of Flight Club?


While the front of Devana’s card shows her to be something of supportive toolbox… the back of Devana’s card is a very different story altogether…

We’ve already mentioned the first of Devana’s character traits, Assist [Frelsi]. This is a great trait to have for increasing personal damage output and Devana has two methods of leveraging her damage output during her own activation. Deadly Wings can move Harrier AOEs around and Hack Back can move Frelsi into position, potentially allowing Devana to gain +2 damage to her playbook damage results as well as +2 TAC from Harrier, Assist, and the Ganging Up bonus, nasty!

Devana’s second character trait is the piece that clicks it altogether, the pièce de résistance so to speak, Death from Above. Death from Above is like a hyper version of Hot Shot, effectively allowing Devana to make melee attacks with a 6” range, provided that the target is stood within a friendly Harrier AOE. Not only is Devana able to make attacks with an increased range, gaining any usual benefits that she normally would (such as the recently mentioned Harrier damage increase, Assist, and Ganging Up bonuses), but when Devana makes a Death from Above attack she also gains +4 TAC as an entire flock of birds swoops from the skies to claw and peck her target.

Death from Above can send Devana’s attack damage almost completely off the charts as she’s able to stack several different benefits together to potentially roll 11 or 12 dice with +2 to playbook damage results (Harrier & Assist), with a huge potential to wrap her playbook since its only 5 columns long. Fortunately for the opponents of the Falconer’s Guild, Death from Above attacks come at a high cost. Devana must pay the usual 1 influence in order to make an attack, as well as remove the Harrier AOE that affected the target of her attack. Since the Falconers can place a maximum of three Harrier AOEs on the pitch in a single turn, and since Devana can only use Death from Above to attack an enemy that is within a friendly Harrier AOE, this means that Devana is capable of using Death from Above a maximum of three times per turn.

To top things off, we have Devana’s Legendary Play, Daughter of Falcons. A super simple effect, an extra 3 damage could be enough to finish off a wounded enemy and applying the snared condition to multiple enemies will certainly make taking them out that much easier.

Overall, Devana is designed to be a player that gets progressively more powerful the later she activates in a turn. She is someone that can benefit immensely from force multiplication, such as good placement of Harrier AOEs for her to take advantage of with Death from Above. While Devana can set herself up a little bit by moving Frelsi with Hack Back and repositioning Harrier AOEs with Deadly Wings, this does cost her influence that she could use for making more attacks instead. The ideal situation is that Devana doesn’t need to move any Harrier AOEs or Frelsi, and she can instead just focus on annihilating opposing players and Air Mailing the ball to someone in a goal scoring position.

That’s all for this week! Join us again next week to see the reveal of the Falconer’s Guild Mascot, Frelsi. Once Frelsi’s card has been revealed, there will be enough revealed rules to play a game with the Falconer’s Guild. Remember that both Egret and Veteran Hearne from the Hunter’s Guild can play with the Falconers!