Farmer's Guild Launch Party!

With the height of summer upon us, the sun is high in the sky, perfect weather for the farmhands of the Empire of the Free Cities! The Farmer’s Guild: The Honest Land will be hitting your local gaming store on August 18th. And to celebrate the release of the newest guild to take the world by storm, we’re also releasing a Farmer's Guild Launch Event Pack.


This purpose of this pack is to enable your local gaming store to hold a 16-man Farmer’s Guild launch event, a day to celebrate everything about the Farmer’s Guild, and play a bunch of games too! Launch Party events are likely to be held on the release weekend or the immediate weekends following 18 August, as this would allow for players in your area to pick up The Honest Land. So, it’s best to check with your local gaming store, to see when they’re running their Farmer’s launch event(s)! Don't know where your Local Gaming Store is? Check here.


The Launch Event is designed for all Coaches, whether you've picked up the Farmers or not, with special Launch Party rules designed specifically to capture the style and play-mechanics of the Farmer’s Guild. Each Guild will benefit from their own unique special rules throughout the Launch Party for that added variety, challenge and reward.  Regardless of the Guild you use, you’ll only need to bring a Captain, a Mascot, and 4 Players (including up to 1 eligible Union player if you wish) in order to play. 


But, It’s not just about playing with new awesome special rules either! Every Coach will also be getting some brilliant limited edition swag, just for turning up and playing!  Each Coach will receive two Harvest-Markers, Turnips and Cabbages, to make Planting and Reaping in game all the more satisfying.  Not only that but every Coach also receiving an alternate art Grange player card at the end of the event. OOOOHHHHHH!

Over the course of the Launch Party, Coaches will also be able to vote for the best painted team in attendance, along with voting for their favourite opponent. The Coaches fortunate enough to find themselves in these positions at the end of the event will receive an additional prize. The favourite opponent will be awarded with a limited-edition Metal Tater model, while the Coach with the best painted team will receive a limited-edition cauliflower ball, suitable for punting around any Farmer’s pitch!

If getting to play with some fun and exciting rules, bagging some limited edition Farmer’s swag and playing Guild Ball sounds like a good day out to you, be sure to ask your local gaming store when they’ll be holding their Farmer’s Guild launch event and get signed up now!