Ghast, Silent Terror


Ghast has known no other home than the guild since childhood, when his family burnt to death in the terrible blazes that tore through Rue Lejourre during the food riots of 7c. The only survivor of the near death of a city, the boy would have had no better future than starving to death in one of the cities nameless alleyways, until uncharacteristically the Mortitician’s Guild intervened. A short time later the child that would become Ghast begun his service to his new patrons.

Ghast soon came to be an extremely unsettling child, growing into a silent, brooding and melancholy man. With total obedience and dedication, Ghast worked his younger years tending the grounds of the Rue Lejourre guild house, the constant physical exertion building him into a towering and formidable figure that would cause most visitors to the guild to shudder when they crossed his path. When Ghast was trialled as part of the Mortician’s Guild roster, it was of no surprise to many of those same people that had encountered him. Such a redoubtable player soon proved his worth. After only a short time on the roster, the guild marked him as indispensable, and significant sponsorship began.

Eerily calm and detached, following orders with no questions, most observers could never imagine any emotion staring out from the eyes behind the heavy mask that he wears.

Then there was Mullenbrecht.

During that game, a brutal tackle tore the mask from his face and all present witnessed the rage that Ghast hides, unleashed at last. After savagely rampaging across the pitch, the screaming apparition disappeared into the depths of the city. Three days later he would reappear in the grounds of Mortician’s guild house, masked once again and seemingly at peace.

The stories of when the Terror stalked the alleys and shadows of Mullenbrecht would live on. They whispered of the mutilated bodies and bloody messages painted on the walls. Since then, isolated repetitions of that unleashed malice have surfaced whenever the mask has been removed, so horrific that for days after, entire communities hide themselves away lest they become victims to the Ghast and his wild, indiscriminate fury.

Ghast is available to order as part of the Master of Puppets – released July 21st