Godtear - Early Access Event Update!

On March 3rd we’re opening our doors to give you a chance to play Godtear with the Lead Developer and take part in an exclusive design session! You will help design the Undead Champion!!


The event starts at 9AM and will run until around 6PM. During this time you will have casual play sessions followed by immediate feedback direct to the design team.

After you've got your creative juices flowing, you will break for Lunch where you can discuss ideas for the Undead Champion with fellow playtesters. This will be followed by a design-a-champion session with SFG Developers to add flesh to the bones of the Undead Champion*

Once a working profile has been created you will immediately get to use the Undead Champion in your games of Godtear - retweaking as required between games based on your feedback. An extra dodge dice, or a slight rewording is all it takes sometimes to ensure a Champion feels right.

The Day’s Schedule is likely to change based on number of attendants and the length of feedback discussions. Use this as a rough outline for the day:

09:00 – Registration & Office Tour
09:30 – Event Briefing and Game 1
10:30 – Game 2
11:30 – Game 3
12:30 – Lunch
13:00 – Design Undead Champion
13:30 – Game 4
14:30 – Game 5
15:30 – Game 6
16:30 – Game 7
17:30 - Goodbyes

*figuratively speaking. He is a skeleton, such as he is…