Godtear Early Access Playtest!

Welcome to a very exciting blog post; today we’re going to be discussing the Godtear Early Access Playtest!

Godtear Alpha testing is coming soon! This is an exceptionally exciting time for us as we finally get to show off our hard work! So let’s take a look at how we’re going to be playtesting this game with all of you guys.

Tried and Tested

We have several plans for testing with all of you guys lucky enough to get your hands on a Godtear Early Access box! The two main thrusts of our strategy are as follows:

Firstly, we will be setting up a forum within the SFG Forums exclusively for Godtear playtesting. This subforum will have space where you can openly discuss Godtear rules and characters with all the other lucky souls who got access to the Alpha test.

This forum will also include space for you guys to put in your battle reports, theorise about warband construction, and will also contain the most up to date rules to download (since it’s a playtest, you can expect regular rules updates).

The forum will be the place for general feedback. While we’re going to put templates in place for battle reports and raising concerns, feedback will be less structured here than elsewhere. Any general thoughts you guys have on Godtear models and rules should go here. There will also be a ‘rules questions’ page within this subforum, where staff can answer any rules questions you guys might have.

Staff will also generally be around on this subforum, chatting, answering questions, and generally just engaging with our testers.

The second way in which we’re planning to speak to you guys is via email. We’ll email out rules to you all any time we update the rules in the Alpha test, but we will also be looking for focused feedback on this. At regular intervals we will be emailing out a question or a focus for testing, along with a link for you to reply where we can store feedback more easily.

So, for example you might receive an email saying (except much more formally!):

This cycle we’re going to be testing Raith-Marid and specifically how resilient he can be. We’d like you to feed back on the following issues:

  • How difficult is it to kill Raith-Marid? Too difficult, not difficult enough?
  • In your games, how much did it take to actually kill Raith-Marid?
  • How big an effect did Raith-Marid have on the game?
  • Did this effect feel proportional to how hard he is to kill?”

You get the idea, although obviously, we might end up with rather a lot of questions per email! Some cycles will be much more focused, some will be slightly more diffuse, but all will be looking for tighter, more specific feedback than we generally want on the forums. There will be a link in the email to an online form where you should input your responses and expand on each question. Each cycle is likely malleable, depending on the quality and quantity of feedback we receive, but two weeks will be the minimum per cycle.

Testing, Testing

While the forums and email are going to be our main methods of looking at feedback, we have plans for a few other cool ways of getting feedback from you guys. We’re going to be holding playtest open days at the UK office, (like the one we’re doing for Guild Ball on the 4th of February) where you’ll be able to come together and play the very first Godtear events in the entire world. Details on these events will go live nearer the time.

In addition, we haven’t quite figured the format out yet, but we’re also going to be hosting Dev chats where you can ask us questions or just have a nice talk about aspects of the game that you want to discuss. Again, more information on these chats will come closer to the time.

We also have a couple of other plans that we’re working on, but don’t quite feel comfortable uncovering just yet. You’ll see what we mean during the playtest!

So, there we have it, a run down on the format for the Godtear Alpha testing we’re going to be conducting shortly. We’re all extremely excited at SFG for you all to get your mitts on Godtear for the first time, we’ve been working like dogs tied to horses for months now. We are all so, so very excited for you guys to see what we’ve been working on, and we can’t wait until the playtest starts!  

The Early Access box for Godtear will be going on sale on January 29th 2018.