Godtear - Contents Update!


Today's the day you find out what's in the box, or should I say boxes? Yes, I should say boxes. All the Champions included in these sets will be Limited Edition Sculpts that will not be available via the Kickstarter.


The Standard Playtest Box will include:

Name: Early Access Kit
Price: £120/€140/$150 USD

  • Blackjaw, The Exile
  • Rhodri Ironheart, Thane of the Forsaken Hold
  • Lorsaynne, The Autumnal Wind
  • Raeth-Marid, The Unbroken Tide
  • x5 Orcs
  • x4 Dwarves
  • x3 Elves
  • x3 Water Spirits
  • Laminate dry-wipe Playmat 
  • 24 Blank Dice
  • 12 mdf tokens
  • 1 tri-hex
  • 12 mdf hexes
  • 70 health cubes
  • 3 sticker sheets

You'll notice that certain champions are not present. These are available in their own box:

Name: Shayle & Golem
Price: £35/€40/$50 USD

  • Shayle, Keeper of the Oath
  • Golem, he's just a great golem

Name: Rangosh & Followers
Price:  £35/€40/$50 USD

  • Rangosh, Scourge of the Broken Plains
  • 5x Human Bandits

We decided to do this as the price for the WHOLE playtest kit might have been a hindrance to potential playtest groups. This allows you to purchase the models you want to playtest with and gives you the opportunity to split the costs between your gaming group a little easier.

If you spend over £40 on our webstore you qualify for free shipping!